Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Perfection! Excellent, Excellent Knife. If the rating had a 10 Star choice I would have rated it 10 Stars!! The opening assist is perfect! The thumb stud design is perfect. Opening the knife is the consistently the same every time! Zero effort to open the knife. If you don't own this knife yet BUY ONE! I plan on buying at least two more.

Nice Knife but the thumb stud needs to be re-designed. The stud should be angled like the Kershaw Ken Onion.

Great USA made Knife! The lock takes a little getting used too, but still a great purchase, will buy another if and when this one ever wears out!

I purchased this knife as a replacement for a traditional Buck pocket knife. This knife is light and nicely finished. The soft rubber grips are nice and the knife arrived with a sharp blade that locks firmly in place when opened. However, I purchased the knife because of the spring assisted opening, and the knife is difficult to open. I have never been able to open it with one hand. In fact, I sent the knife back thinking it was defective, but when the replacement arrived it had the same problem. It seems to me like the thumb knob is located too close to the blade or the mechanism is just too tight. Either way it is difficult to open. A traditional grove in the blade would help with opening as well. Also, the clip on the knife is well made, but it does not seem to be removable. I would like to remove the clip and carry the knife in my pocket. Overall the knife is a good knife, but it could be improved.

I have yet to find another product that exceeds the quality and craftsmanship of the Benchmade products. The 908SBK frame is very sturdy and has a good grip. It is seemingly made for heavy use and stands up to the demand. I highly recommend this piece. It is well worth the money and will give you great service for many years. I have owned many of them and given many as gifts over the years and can attest to that.

Works quite well. Has been a good knofe

I love this knife it's awesome and sharp! I just love it I'm glad I purchased this knife I'm very satisfied!

Very quality knife. Sturdy, tight, and very sharp right out of the box. The assisted opening mechanism feels really solid and the G10 grips are a nice spec. A really well-built knife at a very low price. Highly Recommend!!!!

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