Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Works quite well. Has been a good knofe

First of all I am very happy with my purchase. The (CRKT) M4-02 with the white bone handles is one of the best looking knives I have ever purchased, but it reaches much further than cosmetics. The assisted opening mechanism works perfectly. It's super easy to open with one hand and it locks securely into place, ready for any of your toughest cutting needs safely. The blade itself is made from a high carbon steel which is going to make it sharpen well and hard enough to hold a sharp edge longer. I was so impressed with this knife I ordered 2 more so I have one whit bone handle, one with stag handles, and one with Burl wooden handles. This is one of the higher quality of knives you will find with the low price the a Knife Depot sells it for. For quality and price your just not going to find a better deal, believe me I checked the same knife from the CRKT web site and it was priced almost 25% lower at the Knife Depot than the manufacturers web store. If your looking for a quality knife at its lowest price you can't do any better than The Knife Depot. You won't be disappointed.

I like the Red Skull Karambit for the way it fits in my hand and blade sharpness. However, after getting acquainted with the knife I was disappointed in the blade alignment when closing. The blade has to be guided back into place during closure into the handle or it will hit the side of the handle.

I carry this knife every day, it fits in my pocket so good I don't even notice I am carrying it.

Awesome knife! Solidly built. Feels good in the hand and the blade takes a good edge.

Good quality knife. Would have given it five stars, but engraving options were limited (no dash or backslash to put between date numbers)

Very satisfied! Awesome knife and great customer service updates on delivery.

This knife is both rugged and beautiful. The blade is so sharp it surprised me. It's my new favorite that I carry often.

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