New 2015 Knives from Buck

We’re still going through the new knives you’ll see this year. Today, we’ve got some products from Buck Knives, including its first automatic knife.

616 Buck Ops Boot Knife

616 Buck Ops Boot Knife

This boot knife, with its 154 CM steel blade and black G10 handle, is designed for easy accessibility. It comes with a leather sheath that has a plastic liner to be used as a neck knife if desired. The sheath is highly versatile.

Open Season Series


We’re bundling these knives together because they complement one another. The new series includes a folder, skinner, boning, caping, and small-game knife. The knives have either S30V or 420HC steel blades and a handsome rosewood handle.

PakLite Elite


This is a set of new knives: a caper and boning knife. Both of them are constructed with S30V steel and boast a minimalist design for lightweight and easy carry. They fit into a nylon sheath.

898 Impact


One of the biggest additions to Buck is its first automatic knife. It uses S30V steel for the blade, and springs open by sliding a button. The MSRP on the Impact is $220.

294 Momentum

294 Momentum

This and the next knife go together because they’re both made for quick deployment with one hand.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Case Medium Stockman

In terms of the most classic American knife pattern, nothing tops the stockman folder. For that reason alone, the Case Medium Stockman is a worthy Badass Knife of the Week. But the knife is much more than a historical artifact.

A leading knife manufacturer since its inception in 1889, Case Cutlery has worked hard to become a yardstick for quality in personal knives, foregrounding a level of craft that has garnished considerable respect around the world.

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New 2015 Benchmade Knives

Yes, we’re already two months into the year, but there’s still plenty of new knives to admire and covet. We’ve gone through new Spyderco and CRKT knives, so let’s continue with the new products from Benchmade.

Benchmade separates its knives into different series, such as the Black Class, Gold Class,  Hunt Series, and others. This year they’re only releasing knives from the Blue Class and the Black Class.

The Blue Class is more working class, blue-collar knives that are designed for everyday use but still boast quality construction and materials. The Black Class is aimed at professionals, especially those in the military and public safety fields.

Let’s start with the new knives from the Blue Class.

Benchmade 665 APB Assist


One of the highlights of the new knives is the 665 XAS, which is a push-button Axis-Assist knife. Basically, it’s an assisted push-button knife that also requires the buttons pushed for the blade to be closed. It’s inching ever so close to a switch blade.

The blade uses 154CM steel and the handle has a blue and black G-10 handle.

Benchmade 761 Ti Monolock


The real highlight of the 761 is the machined 6AL-4V titanium handle with its titanium tip-down clip. It uses a monolock on the 3.73-inch M390 steel blade.

Benchmade 484-1 Nakamura AXIS


The original 484 came out last year, but this is a newer and more updated version of the knife. It uses CPM-S90V super premium steel on the 3.08-inch blade (as opposed to M390 on the original). It has an AXIS lock and a contoured carbon fiber handle with stainless steel liners.

Benchmade 153 Jungle Bolo


Benchmade doesn’t typically venture too far from its folders and AXIS locks, but these two large choppers show the company is willing to explore new territory.

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Badass Knife of the Week: KA-BAR Baconmaker

Whether you’re hunting hogs in the wilds of Florida or heading out on a camping trip, the KA-BAR Baconmaker is a badass knife with a versatile design that’s optimized for any outdoor adventure.

Produced by KA-BAR in conjunction with Johnson Adventure Blades, the Baconmaker is 12.75 inches of pure gristle and strength.

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Watch Martial Artist Wield Nunchucks-with-Knives

Since man first started using knives, he’s been doing one of two things.

1) He’s been using knives for things they weren’t meant for, like throwing them at an oversized novelty playing card while an assistant holds it. 2) He’s been creating crazy creations with knives that shouldn’t exist, like the knife gun or the knife chainsaw.

Well, one guy managed to do both of those at once.

Nunchucks with knives

Before we get to the meat of the story, let’s once again preface this with a do-not-try-this-at-home disclaimer.

A Polish martial artist named Kacper Borowski decided to take his artful skill of twirling things to the next level by affixing knives to his nunchucks.

While we’ve seen this in games like Soulcalibur, it’s still crazy to watch someone do this, and I admittedly held my breath hoping he would come to his senses and stop.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Spyderco Street Bowie

No knife is more equipped to navigate the mean streets than the latest Badass Knife of the Week. The Spyderco Street Bowie is a tough knife that’s been optimized for military and personal-defense use through its power and versatility.

Although Spyderco is known for its folders, the Street Bowie was one of the company’s earliest fixed-blade collaborations because of how well it fit into the ethos of the brand.

The design of this fierce knife comes from the mind of custom knifemaker Fred Perrin, who is a highly renowned self-defense instructor and a former French Army Commando among other things. He used his experiences to give the knife substance and functionality.

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5 Knives that Say “I Love You”

Can you think of anything more romantic than giving a brand new knife to your boyfriend or wife?

OK, so maybe a knife is not the traditional idea of a gift that screams “I love you,” but a knife does make a truly fantastic gift for the outdoor enthusiast or knife lover.

So we’ve assembled a list of five knives that say “I love you.” (Warning: Puns ahead.)

Cold Steel Brave Heart Dagger


Cut to the heart of your feelings with the Cold Steel Brave Heart Dagger. The knife, which is modeled after the boot knife used by Scotland’s highland warriors, is the perfect way to tell your significant other just how much you depend on them.

The Brave Heart Dagger is a backup knife that’s lightweight, multifunctional, and always there when you need it.

Kershaw Leek


What makes the Kershaw Leek such a good knife to give your loved one? The fact that it comes in so many styles means you can get it with a handle in the favorite color of your significant other.

“I got you this purple Leek because I know it’s your favorite color” or “I bought you the rainbow Leek because you’re as beautiful as a rainbow.” Need we say more?

Parker River Classic


“I love you”

Give a knife engraved with that phrase and tell me it doesn’t evoke some emotions from the recipient.

A personalized knife in any style makes a great romantic gift, but Parker River does it especially well with engravings right into the red grain wood handle of its Classic model.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Leatherman Sidekick

Like Robin to Batman or Chewbacca to Han Solo, our latest Badass Knife of the Week is the ultimate sidekick. The Leatherman Sidekick is the perfect tool to have at your side when you need a little help.

Unlike some of the larger Leatherman models, the Sidekick stands out from its brethren with a compact and lighter design that still features many of the tools you’ve come to expect from the respected brand.

Billed as an excellent option for first-time users of the iconic Leatherman, the Sidekick features 14 different tools, such as a wire stripper, serrated knife, plain-edged knife, saw, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, pliers, screwdrivers, and more.

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New 2015 Spyderco Knives

We’re still parsing through the new knives we’re going to see this year now that the SHOT Show is over. Spyderco is releasing an array of new knives this year,  but we’re still expecting new models at the IWA this March.

Here are the new Spyderco knives so far.

Urban Lightweight


The latest evolution of the Urban, the Urban Lightweight feature the classic clip carry and one-handed opening we’ve come to expect from Spyderco but without the locking mechanism. It does have an index finger choil to prevent unintentional closing.



As winner of the 2014 imported knife of the year award, the Rubicon is one amazing knife. Based on the design of Peter Carey, the knife is a flipper-style folder with a broad CPM S30V blade. This was released late last year but is considered a 2015 knife. You can pick one up here.

Burch Chubby


The Burch Chubby is another that was released late last year but is also a 2015 knife. It’s inspired by Michael Burch’s popular custom knives and has a 2.3 inch CPM S30V blade. Grab yours here.

Native 5 Lightweight


Now in its fifth generation, the Native is a good example of refinement. It’s gone through weight reduction and now features bi-directional texture on the handle that gives a better grip. It also has a four-position clip.

Bradley Bowie


The Bradley Bowie is really something to look forward to. Designed by Gayle Bradley, the knife has an incredibly tough PSF27 steel fixed blade with polished G-10 handle scales.

Roadie Lightweight


The Roadie was first seen in 2013 when the TSA said they were going to allow certain knives on planes. Soon after, the plan was withdrawn but not before Spyderco made a new non-locking knife that conformed to those rules.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Kershaw Knockout

The Kershaw Knockout is a real knockout, but the actual reason it has that name is because they’ve knocked out a piece of aluminum frame to get the strong and lightweight handle.

Made in the USA, the Knockout boasts a 3.25-inch blade made of stonewashed Elmax steel with a satin finish. It locks into place with a sub-frame lock that’s extremely secure without unnecessarily weighing down the knife.

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