Watch 2 Roombas With Knives Battle to Death

We at Knife Depot have always promoted knife safety, so let’s get this disclaimer out of the way: Do not try any of this at home.

With that out of the way, it’s time to move on to a serious topic: battle bots!

Two of my favorite shows growing up were Robot Wars and BattleBots because nothing beats seeing two robots strapped to the teeth with weapons battle to the death. (Though ironically, my favorite battling bot had no knives and was called Blendo, which was created by the two guys behind Mythbusters.)

The folks over at the production company Rooster Teeth, which has more than 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, created a Happy Hour series that follows the drunken journey of three people. In the first episode, they drunkenly thought of the idea to strap knives to two Roombas and let them battle.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Boker Plus V-42

In order to understand why the Boker Plus V-42 claims the title as this week’s Badass Knife of the Week, you first need a quick history lesson.

During the height of World War II in 1942, a scientist named Geoffrey Pyke had an idea to create an elite band of soldiers that could carry out covert missions and fight behind enemy lines in frigid conditions.

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Case & Harley-Davidson Launch Knife Series


Case Knives and Harley Davidson have teamed up to create a series of knives for all the knife nuts and/or chopper riders out there. Each of these companies has more than a century under their belt, so it seems like a long time coming for this series to finally come to fruition.

These officially licensed knives come in five different styles. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.

Silver and Black Layered G-10


These H-D knives are simple and sleek, which makes for a strong and durable blade. The handles are made from layers of glass cloth laminated with epoxy resin and feature a nickel silver H-D shield.

Tec X


The Tec X family is a bit more modern with a 440 or AUS-8 stainless steel blade. They have thumb studs for one-handed opening and are highly versatile.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Spyderco Bill Moran

Spyderco Bill Moran

If you’re not familiar with the name Bill Moran, you should be. Moran is the founder of the American Bladesmith Society and the father of modern American knife making.

He’s also the designer of many highly respected knives, including this week’s badass knife: the Spyderco Bill Moran.

To understand the beauty of the Spyderco Bill Moran Hunting Knife, you first have to understand the genius of Bill Moran. More than 60 years ago, Moran was one of the last proper bladesmiths in the United States who actually forged his metal using a coal forge and a hammer and anvil. He spent his life preserving the traditional bladesmithing techniques and reviving the process of making Damascus steel.

Spyderco MoranOne of his custom knives recently went for $30,000 after his death in 2005 so the fact that you can buy a knife based on his design is something you can’t ignore.

Like Bill Moran himself, this hunting knife is unassuming, deceptively simple, and highly ambitious. With a 3.88-inch drop point blade made of VG-10 steel, the FB02P is a durable hunting knife that features a perfect blade-to-handle ratio.

This balance offers a feeling of precision and control, which are great assets to have when skinning an animal. To ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, the FRN handle conforms to the palm of the hand and is inlaid with Kraton for extra security in wet conditions.

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SOG Unveils the Kiku Series by Kiku Matsuda

SOG Kukri Folding Knife Black TiNi

SOG Kiku Folding Knife Black TiNi

The knife industry is so vast — what with factory knives, custom knives, collaborations, new releases, etc. — that it’s very easy to overlook something.

But I spotted a press release over at Ammoland about the partnership between legendary Japanese knife maker Kiku Matsuda and SOG and, boy, I am sore I didn’t notice this collaboration sooner.

The Kiku Series is the first-ever production series of knives designed by Kiku Matsuda, who is well-known for his skills as an expert knife grinder. Matsuda can create an array of knife grinds free hand.

That’s why the knives in the Kiku Series are so unique and good-looking.

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Badass Knife of the Week: United Cutlery Axe

Sure, we may be stretching the definition of “knife” for this week’s installment of the Badass Knife of the Week, but there’s no denying that the BlackJet Throwing Axe from United Cutlery is badass.

It may be hard to evaluate the weight and feel of a throwing axe by simply looking at pictures, but trust us, the BlackJet soars through the air like a hot knife through butter.

united-cutlery-axe-sideDesigned by Kit Rae, the famous knife and sword designer whose creations have appeared on popular television shows and movies over the past two decades, the BlackJet is made to run the gamut of all skill levels. The throwing axe is easy to learn on and pushes the boundaries for even the most seasoned throwers.

The axe is one piece of solid tempered 420J2 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and extremely durable, for a cohesive unit with a perfect balance.

At an overall length of 14 7/8 inches and a blade length of 4 5/8 inches, the axe has a nice blade-to-handle weight that allows for expert throwing with various techniques.

Including a reinforced custom fitted sheath that allows you to carry it to your next throwing competition, the BlackJet Throwing Axe is a great thrower for amateurs and professionals alike.

Find out more about the Badass Knife of the Week by checking out the product page for the United Cutlery BlackJet Throwing Axe.

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TSA Finding More Credit Card Knives at Airports

6_410692Credit card knives are convenient, with their ability to fit inside a wallet and hold different types of tools. However, credit card knives are also really easy to forget about.

In a recent post published at the TSA Blog (which we’ve linked to several times over the course of the blog), it was reported credit card knives have been discovered with increasing frequency at security checkpoints at airports across the country.

Two weeks ago, the TSA seized 186 of these credit card knives, so they put out a bulletin warning passengers to put their knives in checked luggage or leave them at home.

Knives on planes have always been a contentious subject since 9/11. At one point, it seemed like the TSA was going to allow smaller knives that were less than two-inches long back on places, but many groups were up in arms over the decision and it was ultimately stopped.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Case Medium Jack

Case Medium Jack

The rise of globalization has meant that knives are increasingly manufactured in different countries around the world. While the quality of the knives made overseas are just as good, there’s still something special about a knife made in the good ol’ United States.

We’ve already gone through several months of the Badass Knife of the Week series and somehow we’re barely getting to our first knife from Case Cutlery. But the Case Medium Jack is well worth the wait.

Made in the USA, this gentleman’s folder boasts a design that’s functional and sleek but holds nothing back.

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Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton Forges Lich King Frostmourne from World of Warcraft

lich king
If you frequent Knife Depot, you know we’re a fan of all things badass (see our Badass Knife of the Week series), and fewer things in life are more badass than master blacksmith Tony Swatton.

We’ve covered Swatton’s creations on the Cutting Edge a number of times, but when you keep creating knives and swords of note, we’re going to keep writing about you.

Every other Monday he releases a video via AWE me that shows himself (with the help of his team) forging weapons from video games, television and movies, and his most recent creation is the Lich King’s Frostmourne from World of Warcraft.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Ergo Chef’s Knife

Look at the knives you use most often. Perhaps your pocket knife logs the most minutes with your fixed blade coming in second. But, you might not be considering one of the most used tools in the house: the chef’s knife.

This week’s Badass Knife of the Week takes the unsung knife of the house and gives it its proper due. The Chef’s Knife from Ergo Chef is an 8-inch masterpiece that makes slicing and dicing effortless.

Ergo Chef's Knife BladeThe Chef’s Knife 8″ Pro-Series is designed with maximum ease-of-use and comfort in mind. Made with a precision-sharp 18 degree edge, its comfortable ergonomic molded handle allows for unparalleled fine-point work for an 8-inch knife.

Its blade is hollow ground to reduce the tendency of food to stick to a blade surface while cutting. This knife also has a full tang, meaning increased strength and balance for cutting large fruit, vegetables, and cuts of meat.

Made from precision forged German stainless steel, the chef’s knife features a seamless molded handle made from aircraft-grade aluminum rivets.

Feel free to take it with a grain of salt, but this is celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s knife of choice. You can see him using the knife on his hit show “Guy’s Big Bite.” That’s just a feather in the cap of this knife.

Knives in food preparation typically take a backseat to pocket knives and fixed blades, but with the Chef’s Knife from Ergo Chef, you’ll never forget you own this knife.

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