Badass Knife of the Week: KA-BAR US Army Fighting Blade

Astute followers of our Badass Knife of the Week series will remember seeing the legendary KA-BAR USMC Fighting and Utility Knife way back in 2014.

We may be cheating a little bit, but in honor of Memorial Day, we picked the KA-BAR U.S. Army iteration as the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

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Hinderer Knives and SilencerCo Team Up For ‘Blackout Package’


Smooth, sleek, and badass.

Those three words perfectly describe the new collaboration between Hinderer Knives and SilencerCo: The Blackout Package.

This recently announced set is the latest edition to the SilencerCo Summit line, which includes premium products with cutting-edge  features.

The contents of this limited edition Blackout Package is a Summit-edition Omega suppressor, customized Hinderer XM-18 folder, and a case of black nickel-plated SilencerCo Harvester Subsonic 300 Blackout ammunition.

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Badass Knife of the Week: SOG SEAL Revolver

The SEAL Knife Series from SOG is renowned for the extensive testing each knife undergoes in order to meet the rigorous standards of the Navy SEALs. The SEAL Pup Elite was named a previous Badass Knife of the Week but the latest Badass Knife is a completely different beast.

Say hello to the SOG SEAL Revolver.

The Revolver was already one of SOG’s most unique and distinctive knives, but the SEAL Revolver takes it to a whole new level.

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10 Badass Keychain Tools

Quick, empty your pockets.

If you happen to be outside the house, you’ll likely have at least three items: a wallet, phone, and keys. We’ve already talked about credit-card knives that fit into wallets and the iPhone multitool case, but that leaves us with keys.

Since your keys are always within reach whenever you’re outside the house, they’re a natural place to attach the most essential tools.

If you’re looking to make your keys even more useful, we’ve assembled this list of tools that fit right on your keychain.

CRKT Eat’N Tool


We’re starting off with a personal favorite. How many times have you been out in the wilderness without a utensil? I can honestly says it’s been more than I care to admit. That’s where the CRKT Eat’N Tool comes in handy.

This teflon spork attaches right onto your keys and even has a few other useful tools, such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, pry bar, and hex wrenches.

It might benefit from a can opener, but overall this is a convenient tool for the hungry man on the run.

They come in tons of colors too.

Gerber Shard


The Gerber Shard is a more limited tool than the Eat’N Tool, but its small size and weight of 0.6 ounces makes it easier to carry. The small tool has two screwdrivers, a pry bar, a nail remover, a bottle and can opener, a scraper, and whatever else you can get out of it.

The tool is 2.75 inches long and made of stainless steel with black titanium coating.

Victorinox Classic SD


Perhaps the best known multitool ever is the Swiss Army knife. The Victorinox Classic SD is not only one of the best-selling Swiss Army knives but it is also small enough to fit on your keychain.

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See the new LK375 Light Knife from COAST Products


SOG Specialty Knives isn’t the only maker of a hybrid flashlight and knife.

The new LK375 Light Knife was recently announced by COAST Products and can be seen at the National Hardware Show between May 5 and May 7, according to a press release at Ammoland.

COAST is known for making an array of relatively inexpensive tactical folders as well as flashlights. In their latest product, they combine the two tools into one.

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Knives Save Lives: “Do you have your knife?”


The car is normally our companion, transporting us from point A to point B without asking much in return. The car and its driver work together to navigate the road and react to unexpected situations.

But when things go wrong, the car can quickly become our enemy, a two-ton hunk of metal that aims to crush us and snare us as flammable liquid surrounds us.

That frightening and life-threatening situation was what a woman found herself in after her car overturned on a winding road in New Jersey.

We’ve brought you tons of examples of how knives save lives on this blog, but this is the first time you get to see some footage of the dire situation.

Take a look at the news report.

In this situation, the woman inevitably failed the car because she was driving while intoxicated. She crashed her car and fell unconscious inside the smoldering vehicle.

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Badass Knife of the Week: Winchester Bowie

If there’s a type of knife that’s more American than the Bowie knife, we’ve yet to find it.

Legend has it that frontiersman James Bowie used his unique knife, which was described as a cross between a butcher knife and a hunting knife, to neutralize his enemies in duels and fights, including the infamous Sandbar Fight in Mississippi.

Since the 1800s, the iconic knife, commonly characterized by its large clip-point blade and crossguard, has become a functional icon that still kicks ass. That’s why the Winchester Bowie is this week’s Badass Knife.

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