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How to Channel Your Inner Ninja

A ninja is the ultimate fighter. He is stealthier than a tiger hunting his prey. He can camouflage as though he is invisible. Most importantly, he can finish off his enemy with one fell swoop from his blade of choice. If you’re reading this,  it’s unlikely you’re much of a ninja, but more likely you’re [...]

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Man Walks Into Diner and Orders Coffee…with a 5-inch Knife in Chest

Sometimes we like to take a walk back in time, traveling down the historical path of men who have simply proven themselves to be more badass than we are. Or could ever hope to be. Today, we may have hit a dead end. We will never find someone more badass than this. The story sounds [...]

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Repurposing Knives and Guns for a Sustainable Cause

Of the many concerns for Olympic host cities, safety is one of the top priorities. For London, a city in full preparation for the upcoming Summer Games, this has been an even hotter topic than in past Olympics. London is still dealing with the global focus of their violent summer riots, in addition to rumors [...]

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Always Use Knife Safety When Carving a Pumpkin

There are few things more symbolic of fall than bright orange pumpkins sitting on doorsteps and the toothy grins they begin to wear around Halloween. Carving those jack-o-lanterns is a fun part of Halloween and an activity greatly enjoyed by the kids. Without knife safety, pumpkin carving can turn into a nightmare. Research shows that Halloween [...]

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The Evolution of the Iconic, Badass Rambo Knife

This post is part of of our Rambo look-alike promotion.  Learn how you can win a limited-edition Rambo signature survival knife, here. While Sylvester Stallone has access to a seemingly endless supply of high-power gunnery in the Rambo series, it is his knives that have become icons. Each of the four movies has its own [...]

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The Bizarre Design of Ergo Chef Knives

This morning, Dana Cowin, the editor-in-chief of Food and Wine magazine, tweeted about the Ergo Chef’s bread knife: “4 any1 w/wrist injuries, #fwtestkitchen ‘s Marcia swears by Ergo Chef bread knife. Gr8 w8 + balance.” For you non-tweeters out there, this means that Marcia, who is apparently a cook in in F&W’s test kitchen, reports [...]

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Developing Kitchen Knife Skills: How to Cut a Chili Pepper

No longer are chili peppers limited to spicy Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. The small, green peppers can be found in everything from steak marinades to mashed potatoes. If you don’t know how to handle them, you are keeping yourself from trying great new recipes. Plus, you miss out on an easy way to add some [...]

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