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The Interceptor: A beautiful, terrible masterpiece

Few knives are as unpredictable, beautifully designed and original as the Interceptor from Tom Anderson Cutlery. Somewhere between a push dagger and brass knuckles, the Interceptor is impractical and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. But, it’s undeniably awesome. The Interceptor has been exploding in popularly around the Web. Sites like Gizmodo [...]

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Maces, daos and neck knives at the Blade Show

On day three of the Blade Show, I decided to spend most of my time strolling through the aisles checking out cool knives.  There were approximately 900 booths at the show this year, making it virtually impossible to see everything, but here are a few of my highlights. The Sabersmith Picture this:  You’re standing in [...]

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Top 10 knives disguised as everyday objects

There’s nothing cooler than a knife that’s disguised as an everyday object. Although some of these items seem impractical and are illegal in certain states, there’s no denying just how fascinating these hidden blades are. Here are 10 of the most interesting disguised blades. 1. Pen Knife The pen knife is the classic disguised knife [...]

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We’re Giving Away Free Knives to Veterans for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time for celebrating those who have served our country.  At The Cutting Edge, we’re expressing our gratitude by holding a knife giveaway just for veterans. If you’ve served in the armed forces, whether it’s the Army, Navy, Air Force or the Marines, post a picture of yourself in uniform, along with [...]


A knife that freezes organs then blows them up… yes, it’s real

The only thing cooler than a knife that slices is one that blows up organs when it’s stabbed into an animal. Although this knife isn’t exactly new, it’s been making headlines for its recent appearance on “Law & Order: SVU” as the weapon that killed John Stamos. The aptly named WASP Injector Knife shoots a [...]

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Who is Bear Grylls? Find Out and Win His Signature Knife.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is often just that little word, extra,” said Man Vs. Wild star Bear Grylls at a speaking engagement in Durban, South Africa.  If anyone, Bear should know. The 37-year old survivalist and T.V. star has captivated millions of viewers across the world with his death-defying wilderness skills.  Since we’re [...]


Win a Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool!

Bear Grylls is a survivalist stud.  He jumps out of planes, eats eyeballs, swims with alligators and hurls himself into freezing, ice water.  He does pretty much every badass thing possible and he does it all in style, which is why he needs badass equipment all the time. The Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool Enter the [...]

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Bored on Your Lunch Break? Consider Electric Sword Fighting

You most likely spend your lunch breaks eating a pastrami sandwich around the water cooler, but it appears a few Russian factory workers have a different idea about what constitutes an exciting hour off.  Check out this video via Buzzfeed of two steel-headed combatants dueling it out with electrified swords. Not surprisingly, the end result [...]

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Top 5 Coolest Movie Swords (That You Can Own)

Last week, I posted the Top 5 Movie Knives (That You Can Also Own), and, as promised, here is the next installment: the top 5 coolest movie swords (that you can own). There are a few arbitrary rules I set for qualifications. Firstly, the sword has to have appeared in a feature film. Secondly, you [...]

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