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Knife Rights gets more support in civil rights suit against NYC

What is the definition of “gravity knife?” That (and the definition of “switchblade”) is the fundamental question at the center of a slow but ongoing lawsuit against the city of New York. The organization Knife Rights is embroiled in a lawsuit against New York County D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. and the city itself for using [...]

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Musher suing Kershaw over nearly severed finger

Former Iditarod champion Mitch Seavey is suing Kershaw Knives for making a knife that nearly severed his finger and forced him to quit the famed dog sled race last year, according to Anchorage Daily News (h/t Seavey was using a Kershaw folding knife, which featured a gut hook, a common tool used by mushers [...]


Georgia passes ‘most important knife bill of the year’

In what Knife Rights is describing as “the single most important bill for knife owners and the knife industry to pass this year,” SB432 was signed into law by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, taking effect July 1. According to Knife Rights, the new knife preemption law effectively repeals a host of draconian knife ordinances that [...]

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Ex-TSA head: Passengers should be able to carry knives on planes

Former Transportation Security Administration head Kip Hawley is on a media tour criticizing the inefficiency and misplaced logic of searching for insignificant tools like knives and scissors. According to ABC News, Hawley says passengers should be able to carry knives on planes because they don’t pose a significant risk. His thinking stems around the fact [...]

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New Michigan legislation would remove ban on switchblades

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is encouraging residents of Michigan to contact their state representatives about pending legislation that would remove the switchblade ban and reduce a ban on fixed-blade knives in the state, according to a press release from AKTI. If this legislation passes, it would make Michigan one of many states [...]

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Knife legend Bob Loveless has documentary premiering April 26

Before his death in 2012, Bob Loveless spent decades making a big impact on the knife making community by creating some of the most innovative knives around the world. Now, his legacy is being honored in a documentary premiering on April 26 at the Beverly Hills Film Festival called “Robert Loveless, An American Legend.” According [...]

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Knife in a jar of mayo and other TSA screening stories

One of the most despised organizations in the United States is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It’s hard to find anyone who says anything good about the TSA because it’s inefficient, intrusive and many times ineffective. Nevertheless, I’m here to say that the TSA runs one of the most interesting blogs on the net. If [...]

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Washington state enacts new pro-knife legislation

Washington state signed into law last week pro-knife legislation that clarifies the definition of switchblades and allows certain government employees to carry spring blade knives. HB 2347, touted as a job creator among other things, allows spring blade knives to be made in the state and used by law enforcement, military personnel and fire and [...]

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Check out the new Gerber multi-tools of 2012

The pliers multi-tool is a staple of the well-prepared handyman who is able to pull out the right tool for any job at any time. While Leatherman truly pioneered that style of knife, other companies have made some notable designs of their own, particularly Gerber. Gerber has its own line of well-respected multi-purpose tools. Here’s [...]

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Teen fights off burglar by hitting his head with sword

When burglary suspect Jeremy Olson kicked open the door to someone’s house late at night, he probably never expected to have the epic battle that ensued. As Olson was rummaging through the house looking for valuables, a teenager who had already pushed the alarm’s panic button was patiently waiting in his room armed with a [...]

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