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Knives Save Lives: Bulletproof Freedom Fighter

When U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ned Clysdale handed down a knife to his son, he never imagined that it would be the only thing stopping a bullet from potentially killing his son. This story, which first appeared in the December 2013 issue of Blade Magazine, is an amazing example of how knives save lives in [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Knife scares away shark (video)

Diving, despite all the beautiful scenery and whimsical sensations of freedom, is not without danger. Divers can get decompression sickness, become lost, run out of air or get attacked by a great white shark. That’s the predicament two divers were facing in Australia after a 12-foot shark greeted them after jumping off a boat. The [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Man proves you can never have too many knives

While casual knife lovers might have a knife or two lying around the house for practical purposes, hardcore knife enthusiasts can have upwards of 50. So, when they get a new knife for their birthday or Father’s Day, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. However, as one man from Utah found out, that’s not [...]


Stranded windsurfer defeats pack of hungry sharks with knife

Earlier this week, we wrote about reasons why you should carry a dive knife whenever you’re at sea. Now, one Polish surfer gives yet another compelling reason to carry a sturdy knife: to stave off hungry sharks if you’re stranded in the water. According to ABC News, 42-year-old Jan Lisewski from Poland was attempting to [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Hungry and desperate cougar

Danger always seems to pop up when you least expect, like when a burglar bursts through your door late at night or when you get into a terrible car accident on the way home. While you can rarely predict when danger strikes, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be prepared. Take the Hobbs family in [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Man fights off vicious staghound dog with pocket knife

A 69-year-old man was taking a peaceful jaunt down the street with his Jack Russel Terrier in New South Wales, Australia, when a wild, enraged staghound attacked him and his dog. Undaunted, he used his pocket knife to fend off the beast, slaying it in the process, another prime example in our series of how [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Utah Children Saved From Sinking Car by Gun and Pocket Knife

Imagine this: You’re driving down a snowy highway on a cold winter night, when the car in front of you careens into an icy river.  A distraught and panicked father climbs out, only to dive back in, desperately trying to pull his three children from the wreckage. You jump in the water and try to [...]

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SOG Trident aides in rescue from destroyed Mustang

This blog has always touted the importance of carrying a knife, whether a lockback clipped to your belt or a Swiss Army knife tucked into your pocket. Even though certain cities and organizations demonize knives as dangerous weapons, the functionality of a knife during harrowing situations should not be underestimated. In our series Knives Save [...]

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Knives Save Lives: Gerber Knife vs. Burning Truck

The term “hero” is usually tossed around with careless abandon these days. You might call someone who gets you a shopping cart or someone who finds your favorite pair of pants a hero. There are certainly a variety of uses for the term, but a true hero is someone who risks their life to save [...]

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Knives Save Lives: A knife or death situation

It’s remarkably rare when someone is put into a situation where they need to make a life or death decision, when their life is literally in their own hands. It’s noble for someone to think they’d react rationally and calmly in a situation like that, but it’s always much easier to say something than do [...]

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