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New 2015 Knives from CRKT

It’s January and you know what that means… it’s time to take a look at the new knives coming your way. The SHOT Show (where companies are showcasing new knives) is currently underway, but many companies have already released the new catalogues.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the new knives across various brands. We’re kicking things off with the 22 new knives from CRKT.

BT-70 (Designed by Bob Terzuola)


If you’re not familiar with Bob Terzuola, the new BT-70 is the perfect way to get acquainted. Terzuola is one of the fathers of tactical knives and this collector’s piece showcases his feel for the tactical folder. It has a stonewash finish, G-10 handle scales with his dragon logo, and a blade length of 4.03 inches.

Argus Black


The Argus is a spring-assisted knife with the Outburst assisted opening mechanism. Designed by Matthew Lerch, the Argus Black has an aluminum handle and a 3.55-inch blade with black corrosion resistant coating.

No Time Off


Designed by Flavio Ikoma, the No Time Off is a burly folder that’s aimed at heavy-duty tasks. It has a waffle iron traction grip handle and a 2.99-inch blade that locks into place using the Ikoma Locking System.



The Saker is an interesting bushcraft knife by Abe Elias, with its scandi grind and 1075 carbon steel blade that’s about 4.5 inches. The handle is made from Walnut.

G.S.D. (Get S**t Done)


With a name like G.S.D. (which stands for Get S**t Done), you’d better expect a knife that’s tough, reliable, and functional. Check, check, and check. It has a classic industrial look and can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Hunt’N Fisch

CRKT Hunt'N Fisch

We’re starting to get to the puns. The Hunt’N Fisch plays off designer Larry Fischer’s name and is a fixed blade hunting knife with tons of jimping and some interesting grooves on the spine.

It’s designed to be an all-around hunting and fishing knife with a blade of 2.99 inches made of 8Cr13MoV steel. It has G-10 scales on the handle. Continue reading

Limited Edition Kershaw Ruby Sells Out in 1 minute 3 seconds

For 40 years, Kershaw Knives has been at the top of its game, putting out some of the most respected knives on the market. The Leek, Blur, Clash, Amphibian, Cryo, Shuffle, Blackout, and Knockout have garnered cult followings over the years.

Kershaw is a perennial winner at the annual BLADE Show and remains one of the most respected brands out there. So it’s not surprising that Kershaw pulled no stops with its 40 year anniversary model: the Ruby model 4040.


The limited edition knife was produced to commemorate the four-decade anniversary and integrated many of Kershaw’s patented designs and features.

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See the Wenger-inspired ‘Delémont Collection’ of Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox

Last year, we reported that the Wenger brand of Swiss Army knives was no more. After absorbing Wenger, Victorinox decided it was retiring the Wenger name and would only sell knives under Victorinox.

Since many people lamented the loss of the unique Wenger knives, Victorinox decided a selection of Wenger knives would be integrated into the Victorinox collection.

In August, the new Victorinox/Wenger models were introduced. These new models, which undeniably take cues from Wenger, are from the new Delémont Collection. (Delémont is the name of the city that housed the old Wenger factory.)

The Delémont Collection features rebranded Wenger knives with a few modifications and the Victorinox shield. The main things that really set the two Swiss Army knives apart was Wenger’s unique ergonomic handles, blade serrations, a button locking mechanism, and different tools like pliers.

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Case & Harley-Davidson Launch Knife Series


Case Knives and Harley Davidson have teamed up to create a series of knives for all the knife nuts and/or chopper riders out there. Each of these companies has more than a century under their belt, so it seems like a long time coming for this series to finally come to fruition.

These officially licensed knives come in five different styles. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.

Silver and Black Layered G-10


These H-D knives are simple and sleek, which makes for a strong and durable blade. The handles are made from layers of glass cloth laminated with epoxy resin and feature a nickel silver H-D shield.

Tec X


The Tec X family is a bit more modern with a 440 or AUS-8 stainless steel blade. They have thumb studs for one-handed opening and are highly versatile.

Smooth Black Synthetic Continue reading

SOG Unveils the Kiku Series by Kiku Matsuda

SOG Kukri Folding Knife Black TiNi
SOG Kiku Folding Knife Black TiNi

The knife industry is so vast — what with factory knives, custom knives, collaborations, new releases, etc. — that it’s very easy to overlook something.

But I spotted a press release over at Ammoland about the partnership between legendary Japanese knife maker Kiku Matsuda and SOG and, boy, I am sore I didn’t notice this collaboration sooner.

The Kiku Series is the first-ever production series of knives designed by Kiku Matsuda, who is well-known for his skills as an expert knife grinder. Matsuda can create an array of knife grinds free hand.

That’s why the knives in the Kiku Series are so unique and good-looking.

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CRKT Announces the Ken Onion Hi Jinx

Knifemaker Ken Onion is the mastermind of such iconic and well-received knives as the Kershaw Leek, Kershaw Blur, CRKT Shenanigan, CRKT Onion Skinner and more.

In his latest collaboration with CRKT, Ken Onion has done it again.

The Hi Jinx from CRKT is a high-end folder based on Ken Onion’s Old Scallywag custom design made with quality materials and fine craftsmanship that would leave even casual knife fans drooling. The 3.32-inch blade is made of Böhler Uddholm’s Sleipner steel from award winning manufacturer LionSteel and uses a flipper for quick deployment.

With an overall length of 8.1-inches when engaged and a weighty 6.4 oz., the knife packs a big punch.

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Split Wood Easier with New Ax Redesign

I can’t imagine certain tools getting any better than they already are. For example, a fork is never going to get better than the stainless steel three-pronged utensil we all know and love (although I can imagine Google or Apple sticking wifi into the fork so you can track what you eat and adding a camera to take selfies inside your mouth).

So when Slate Magazine put one of their usual sexy headlines claiming a brilliant redesign of the ax, I was highly skeptical.

Meet the Vipukirves (which translates to Leverax).

According to Slate, the ax uses a lever action that makes this one much stronger than the traditional ax and features red and yellow coloring to make it easier to spot.

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2014 Products From Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives are some of the most coveted knives out there, both because of how few new ones are released and how expensive they can be. That’s why 2014 is such an unusual year for Emerson Knives. The company showed off three new knives at the SHOT Show earlier this year.

There are different models of the knives being released as we’ll explain below.


The ETAK, which stands for Emerson Tactical Assault Knife, is a folder with an overall length of 9 inches.


The ETAK Model B has a modified tanto point.

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New Cold Steel Products of 2014

It’s well into 2014, but we’re still taking a look at the new knives coming out this year. Sure, some of the new knives are already out, but they’re definitely worth a post.

Here are the new Cold Steel knives of 2014.

Magnum Warcraft Tanto

Readers of the blog will remember that the Warcraft Tanto was the Badass Knife of the Week not too long ago, but the Magnum Warcraft Tanto is billed as a bigger and better version. The Magnum, like its younger brother, is made with CPM 3-V steel, it boasts a foot-long blade to make it more of a mini-sword.

1917 Frontier Bowie

One of the most anticipated of the new Cold Steel knives is the 1917 Frontier Bowie. With a blade length of a little more than 12 inches, the Frontier Bowie is one huge knife. The knife, which is larger and heavier than the Magnum, has a rosewood handle and a 1055 carbon steel blade. Although it’s almost laughably big, you’ll definitely make an impact with this blade.



Next up is the Eland, a folder with a ring lock. The Eland is similar to the Kudu, but the blade is an inch longer at 5.25 inches. The design is inspired by ring lock folders found more prominently in Africa. It has German 4116 stainless steel.

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2014 Products from ESEE Knives

We’re already three months into the year, but we’re still making our way through products jumping onto the market this year. We’ve gone through new knives from CRKT, Zero Tolerance and a few others and today we’re looking at some of the new items from ESEE.

ESEE Knives, which focuses mainly on gear for the outdoors and survival situations, only has four new products slated for this year, but they definitely don’t disappoint.


First up, we have the Terrill Hoffman-designed ESEE-CM6. It’s billed as the joining of “tactical and practical,” meaning the knife excels out on the battlefield or in the forests. It has a hefty overall length of 11.13 inches with a blade length of 5.88 inches. The drop point blade is made from 1095 carbon steel with a textured black powder coat. A canvas Micarta handle covers the full tang of the knife.

It comes with a black Kydex sheath.

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