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An S&W pocket knife designed to save lives

With more than 10,000 products in our e-commerce store, it’s easy to pass over some stunning products you might not have noticed. That’s why we’re making an effort to bring you a featured spotlight of the Smith & Wesson First Response Drop-Point Serrated Pocket Knife. Whether you’re a first responder or someone who just likes [...]

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Check out the new 2012 Wenger Blackout Series

Wenger has been a company well-known for being one of the two companies that make the Swiss Army knife (the other being Victorinox, of course). They’ve since expanded their repertoire to include things such as backpacks and shoes. However, Wenger is continuing their long-held tradition of brilliantly made knives with the recent editions to their [...]

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Check out the brand new 2012 Spyderco knives

Spyderco is a brand well-known for innovation, unique designs and quality, which is why we’re so excited for this year’s batch of brand new Spyderco knives. Here’s a look at a few of the most anticipated new blades you can buy today. Spyderco Junior by Alexandru Diaconescu Inspired by his son who was entering a [...]

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Zombie Killer ‘Pestilence’ Chopper from KA-BAR

Tired of hearing and posturing about what you would do during a zombie invasion? I didn’t think so. Earlier in the week, I posted about Gerber’s intense Apocalypse Survival Kit featuring some pretty badass tools like the awesome DMF folder that comes in handy when the undead are looking for fresh flesh. Knives, unlike guns [...]

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A badass military boot knife from Smith and Wesson

We sell over 10,000 knives in our e-commerce store, some of which we don’t think get the individual attention they deserve.  For this reason, every Monday we’ll be doing a product spotlight to feature one of our favorite blades. This week’s featured product is the Smith and Wesson H.R.T Military Boot Knife. Contrary to popular [...]


Four Knives Women Love

Looking for a stellar gift for your girlfriend or wife?  If you’re tired of doing the standard flower, candy, mediocre-looking necklace routine, then consider giving the love of your life something a bit sharper: a knife.  Here are four knives that are especially popular among the fairer sex. (1) Schrade Primos Linerlock Folder Knife with [...]

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The Tool Logic Pocket Hunter Card

Every week, Samantha James reviews a different Knife Depot product. Check out her past product highlights here. What’s in your pocket? Do you carry a stainless steel gut hook blade? How about an LED flashlight? What about a combination can/bottle opener? Do you have a tweezer and toothpick? Do you sport a ruler with centimeters [...]

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Jungle King 14-inch Hunting Knife w/ Survival Kit

Two of my favorite knives are hunting knives and survival knives, which is why this heavy-duty Jungle King hunting knife has me so enthused.  It’s essentially a hunting knife and survival knife in one. At 14 inches, it has a freakishly huge blade, making it great for cutting through brush when trekking deep into the [...]

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Quirky releases the Switch, a customizable pocket knife

Quirky, an online retailer with a focus on developing innovative products, has released a new pocket knife called the Switch, which has 17 customizable features.  The pocket knife solves an age old problem: not having the pocket kinfe accessories you need. The Switch comes in three sizes: small (2-6 tools), medium (6-10 tools) and large (7-13 [...]

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Pope, Dalai Lama, use new forms of Swiss army knife

Victorinox, the Swiss company that took over production of the Swiss army knife after purchasing Wenger SA in 2005, has attracted a variety of new knife owners by altering the design of the Swiss army knife to satisfy a more modern audience. An article recently published in Bloomberg discussed the company’s move to new models, [...]

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