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Perfecting the Core Four: Survival Instructor Creek Stewart Chats With Knife Depot

This is the first of a two-part series with survival expert Creek Stewart.  Tomorrow, Creek will be sharing his tips on picking out the perfect survival knife.  We’ll also be giving away a BlackBird SK5 — Creek’s primary survival knife — to one lucky reader along with two copies of his book.  Scroll to the [...]


How to make a spear from a survival knife and channel your inner Fred Flintstone

We’ve all been there before: lost in the deep recesses of the woods, with nothing more than a trusty survival knife and an insatiable desire to build a badass spear.  Whether you’re looking to pick up a new survival skill or simply channel your inner Fred Flintstone and impress some friends, spears are not only [...]


Afraid of a zombie apocalypse? Get the Apocalypse Survival Kit from Gerber

Imagine this scenario. You wake up from a coma in an abandoned hospital. You can’t tell how long you’ve been out, but things seem to be completely different from what you once knew. As you’re exploring, you come across a group of hideously decomposed bodies. The only problem is these dead guys aren’t really dead [...]

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Talking survival knives with survival expert Leon Pantenburg

The Cutting Edge recently spoke with Leon Pantenburg, who runs the fantastic site Survival Common Sense and teaches survival courses, on what makes a good survival knife. To learn more indispensable survival skills, check out his site. 1. What are the traits of a good survival knife? It depends on the person and where you [...]


Blade Magazine to Host 30th Annual Blade Show in Atlanta in June

Blade magazine will host its 30th annual Blade Show from June 10-12 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’ve never been before, the Blade Show is essentially the Super Bowl of knife collecting; if you have the time, it’s definitely worth checking out. The event, which will be held at the Cobb Galleria, is the “world’s largest [...]

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The Lowdown on Survival Knives

A pocket knife is adequate for a number of outdoor tasks, but if you’re a bona fide survivalist, a serious hunter or a Rambo-enthusiast, you’ll want a bigger, burlier, survival blade. Here’s a look at how the survival knife changed over history and what it represents today. Survival knife prehistoric history The survival knife has [...]

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Top 5 Movie Knives (That You Can Also Own)

Movies provide us with a variety of long-lasting cultural tidbits, from famous quotes to iconic costumes. However, some movies have knives that transcend the fantasy of the big screen and enter the commercial market because of their overall impressiveness. That’s why I’ve decided to create a top 5 list of most memorable movie knives. While [...]


How to Spot a Counterfeit Knife

If you’re a passionate knife collector, there’s nothing worse than realizing that you have purchased a forged or counterfeit knife. Unfortunately, the counterfeit knife business is quite lucrative, as forged products can be made for as little as $5-$10 and then sold to unsuspecting buyers for as much as $250.  Here are some tips to [...]

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Sharpening Your Knife in Survival Situations

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about knives being used in extraordinary circumstances, like the case of Aron Ralston or my recent post about doctors using a Swiss Army knife to amputate a man’s legs. These are just two examples of survival situations where a dull knife simply won’t cut it, literally and figuratively. In [...]

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Buying Knives on The Thailand-Burma Border

When I arrived in Thailand last month, I only received a 30-day tourist visa. It expired this week and in order to renew it, I had two options: either trek 14 hours to Laos and hit up the Thai embassy for a 60-day visa or take a 3-hour jaunt to the Burma border, walk across [...]