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Badass Knife of the Week: OKC Blackbird SK-5

“I believe the more complicated a product becomes, the more likely it is to fail when your life depends on it.” This is a quote from the designer of this week’s Badass Knife of the Week: the Blackbird SK-5 from Ontario Knife Company. Designer Paul Sheiter eschews the gimmicks and add-ons often associated with survival [...]

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New Cold Steel Products of 2014

It’s well into 2014, but we’re still taking a look at the new knives coming out this year. Sure, some of the new knives are already out, but they’re definitely worth a post. Here are the new Cold Steel knives of 2014. Magnum Warcraft Tanto Readers of the blog will remember that the Warcraft Tanto [...]


Badass Knife of the Week: Hibben Throwers

This week we’re doing something a little different with the Badass Knife of the Week. Instead of one knife, we’re featuring a knife set: the Gil Hibben 12-inch 3-piece Throwing Knife Set. There are hundreds of reasons why these are among the most badass throwing knives out there, but let’s get down to the most [...]

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Watch a Swiss Army Knife Fly Up Into the Stratosphere on a Weather-Balloon

Space: the final frontier. This is the story of a Swiss Army knife and a weather-balloon. Its four-minute journey: to reach new heights and challenging conditions, to boldly go where no knife has gone before. Knives in space! Forgive my indulgences, but the opportunity to redo the opening monologue of Star Trek with knives seemed [...]

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2014 Products from ESEE Knives

We’re already three months into the year, but we’re still making our way through products jumping onto the market this year. We’ve gone through new knives from CRKT, Zero Tolerance and a few others and today we’re looking at some of the new items from ESEE. ESEE Knives, which focuses mainly on gear for the [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Victorinox Trekker

This week’s Badass Knife of the Week ain’t your father’s Swiss Army knife. The One-Hand Trekker from Victorinox is a beautifully modern take on the classic Swiss Army knife, blending the reliable functionality of the old models with a sleek and stylish design fit for the 21st century. The first thing you’ll notice on the [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Kershaw Leek

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally here. And there’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than picking one of the best spring-assisted knives as the Badass Knife of the Week: the Kershaw Leek. The Kershaw Leek is widely considered an awesome spring-assisted knife and typically appears on lists naming the [...]


5 Badass Knife Money Clips

Wallets are large, uncomfortable and bulky (if you’re lucky). If you’re the kind of guy who’s bent on keeping your pockets as unobtrusive as possible and aren’t bogged down by rewards cards from places like Petco or Panera Bread, ditch the wallet for something a little more discreet and fashionable: a money clip. The money [...]

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Top 10 Knives with Green Handles

The custom on St. Patrick’s Day is to wear something green. Some people wear green shoelaces or a green hat, but if you’re the kind of knife nut who’s reading this blog, your green item is probably a knife. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re looking at the top 10 knives with green handles. [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Warcraft Tanto by Cold Steel

We welcome you to step inside the wicked world of the Warcraft Tanto from Cold Steel, which takes the title as this week’s Badass Knife of the Week. The Warcraft Tanto, the first product in the Warcraft series, boasts some specs that seem like they’re straight out of a video game. It features a gorgeous [...]