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Watch 2 Roombas With Knives Battle to Death

We at Knife Depot have always promoted knife safety, so let’s get this disclaimer out of the way: Do not try any of this at home. With that out of the way, it’s time to move on to a serious topic: battle bots! Two of my favorite shows growing up were Robot Wars and BattleBots because [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Boker Plus V-42

In order to understand why the Boker Plus V-42 claims the title as this week’s Badass Knife of the Week, you first need a quick history lesson. During the height of World War II in 1942, a scientist named Geoffrey Pyke had an idea to create an elite band of soldiers that could carry out [...]

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Case & Harley-Davidson Launch Knife Series

Finally… Case Knives and Harley Davidson have teamed up to create a series of knives for all the knife nuts and/or chopper riders out there. Each of these companies has more than a century under their belt, so it seems like a long time coming for this series to finally come to fruition. These officially licensed knives [...]


Badass Knife of the Week: Spyderco Bill Moran

If you’re not familiar with the name Bill Moran, you should be. Moran is the founder of the American Bladesmith Society and the father of modern American knife making. He’s also the designer of many highly respected knives, including this week’s badass knife: the Spyderco Bill Moran. To understand the beauty of the Spyderco Bill [...]

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SOG Unveils the Kiku Series by Kiku Matsuda

The knife industry is so vast — what with factory knives, custom knives, collaborations, new releases, etc. — that it’s very easy to overlook something. But I spotted a press release over at Ammoland about the partnership between legendary Japanese knife maker Kiku Matsuda and SOG and, boy, I am sore I didn’t notice this [...]


Badass Knife of the Week: United Cutlery Axe

Sure, we may be stretching the definition of “knife” for this week’s installment of the Badass Knife of the Week, but there’s no denying that the BlackJet Throwing Axe from United Cutlery is badass. It may be hard to evaluate the weight and feel of a throwing axe by simply looking at pictures, but trust [...]

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TSA Finding More Credit Card Knives at Airports

Credit card knives are convenient, with their ability to fit inside a wallet and hold different types of tools. However, credit card knives are also really easy to forget about. In a recent post published at the TSA Blog (which we’ve linked to several times over the course of the blog), it was reported credit [...]


Master Blacksmith Tony Swatton Forges Lich King Frostmourne from World of Warcraft

If you frequent Knife Depot, you know we’re a fan of all things badass (see our Badass Knife of the Week series), and fewer things in life are more badass than master blacksmith Tony Swatton. We’ve covered Swatton’s creations on the Cutting Edge a number of times, but when you keep creating knives and swords of note, we’re [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Ergo Chef’s Knife

Look at the knives you use most often. Perhaps your pocket knife logs the most minutes with your fixed blade coming in second. But, you might not be considering one of the most used tools in the house: the chef’s knife. This week’s Badass Knife of the Week takes the unsung knife of the house [...]

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Badass Knife of the Week: Boker Plus Damascus

If you follow the Badass Knife of the Week, you’ll notice that the knives trend toward the simple yet effective models without much fluff. The Damascus from Boker Plus eschews that trend, but with good reason. This knife is highly functional but it’s also darn beautiful. From our experience with this model, people love talking [...]

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