Knives by Tahar Nadim Raza

Day 3 at the Blade Show: daggers, Damascus steel and balisongs

It’s taken me a few days to sort through all the great images and information I obtained at the Blade Show.  On day three, I focused my attention on some of the more exotic knives available.  Here are a few of my favorite designs.

D’Alton Holder Custom Knives

Drop Point Hunting Knives by D'alton holder

D’Alton Holder has been making knives for close to five decades; he constructed his first knife, which sold for $8, in 1966.  In 1988, he retired from working in the oil industry to become a full-time knifemaker.  He was inducted into the Knifemaker’s Hall of Fame in 2003.

The pictures above ( from Holder’s website ) are of a set of drop point hunters, which are priced at $2,500.  The Blades are ATs-34 with 416 SS bolsters, which are engraved in gold inlay by Bruce Shaw.  The handles are made from Pau shell.  These knives are similar to some of Holder’s knives that I saw at the Blade Show, and since his photos were far superior to mine, I opted to use them instead.

Suchat Jangtanong

Knives by Suchat Jangtanong

Jangtanong is a Thai knifemaker who lives in Bangkok Thailand, and I came across his knives at the booth of Keith Newman, who imports them through his company Mr. Damascus.  The knives, folders and balisongs, have received rave reviews from knife lovers for their design and functionality.  Jangatong’s knives range anywhere from $300 to well over $2,000.  You can purchase them, here.

Tahar Nadim Raza

Knives by Tahar Nadim Raza

Knives by Tahar Nadim Raza

Tahar Nadim Raza makes a wide variety of custom-made knives, check out his huge collection of daggers and Damascus-steel knives.

Well, that’s my day three round up, which one of these knifemakers do you like the most?

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