Smith & Wesson Boot Knife Selection

Smith & Wesson Boot Knife Selection

This turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for as to the purpose. Could not be any better, thank you.

I like this knife alot. I purchased it for concealment. I am happy with its design, The sheath does make it a bit hard to be a true"boot" knife. Other than this it is as sold and I am happy with it.

I carry it everywhere I go, I like the double sided blade feature and all in all it's a great boot knife, the only reason that I gave it a four star is because the sheath isn't the best, it has a strong grip on the knife which is good but if you want to pull the knife out you have to hold the sheath and pull the knife because if you don't you pull the sheath out of your boot with the knife inside

Built like a tank, it

The knives were exactly what I expected, engraving was exceptional and they arrived before due date. I will order again.

I plan on buying 6 more of these items, they are perfect.They are great, they are very finely made knives. Tough handle material full strong tang,one piece steel very well balanced.

The knife is exactly as advertised. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. My only issue is with the sheath. I like the hard sheath but the way it is engineered the knife point easily sticks the body of the sheath before finding the sheath sleeve.

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