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Ka-bar Knives Bowie Knife Selection

Ka-bar Knives 9 inch Becker Tactical Bowie
Our Price: $109.99
Savings: $42.01 (28%)
Ka-bar Knives - Pearl Harbor Commemorative US Navy
Our Price: $86.99
Savings: $30.81 (26%)
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Recent Customer Reviews - Ka-bar Knives Bowie Knife Selection

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Michael B. from Owensboro, KY
Excellent knife, excellent service.
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Eric R. from Pittsburgh, PA
I purchased the Defender as a woods chopper for hiking and fishing summer time woods. It is sized perfectly and gets the job done. I wouldn't consider it to be a high-end chopper/survival knife, but for the price it get it done.
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Robert G. from New York
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Donovan P. from El Dorado Hills, CA
Stainless Steel material which means eventually this knife will dull itself out a lot faster than carbon steel knives. It was a good product until the stainless steel material itself cracked when I was cutting down branches for fire starting.
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Dave L. from Canadian
Very good knife worth every dolllar
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Ed H. from Cleveland OH
Blade arrived as expected new in the box, factory oiling still on the blade. Feels great in the hand & great balance. Sheath is much better quality than expected! If you are looking for a BFK for the zombie attack or a serious hunting or outdoorsman/ camping knife this is it!
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Buddeh C. from Bc Canada
I got this knife to lighten my load while camping/hunting. The idea was to have a all in one carry tool. I have not taken this knife on a big game hunt yet. But the small game I have got so far, this knife handles just fine. As a cleaver it goes through bone like butter, so watch the fingers! I also carved a mallet out of a log and used it all weekend as my hatchet. Did not hurt the blade at all. The coating on the knife came off after extensive wood cutting (no big deal, just do a forced patina on the knife after) It is also balanced just up from Handel. Handle on its own is very nice, I did not get a blister using it. It has 3 bolts holding it on so if it breaks it nothing to wrap with cord till you can replace. The sheath is okay. I'd buy a plastic one. Comes nice a sharp. Shaving good, I don't think I'd pry much with the tip but some can be done. If all I could take was this knife I'd say I would be pretty good for a while. All in all its a great big knife!
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Amos L. from Skiatook, OK
Great knife for the money, full tang verified by a magnate, sheath is heavy leather and so far holds the blade sufficient even though there is no retention strap, bottom line if you want a large tough outdoors knife and don't have the means or desire to drop a $100+ for a RTAKII or a Jungalas I strongly suggest looking at this blade as an option.

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