Buck Knife Selection

Buck Knife Selection

You know you're the best when your name becomes a household word. The Buck knife brand is synonymous with high-quality, all-purpose knives perfect for every outdoor adventure from hunting to boating to rock climbing. Buck knives are manufactured to the same rigorous quality standards the company adopted 100 years ago. Because the manufacturing process begins with choosing the right steel for the job, you are assured the Buck folding knife you buy from Knife Depot will hold its edge longer and sharpen easier than other blades.

Knife Depot's trained customer service team is happy to help you choose the right Buck knife for you or for a gift. What's more, your purchase is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you - or the person you bought a knife for - aren't 100% satisfied, we'll issue a complete refund.

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Buck Knives Pathfinder Fixed Blade Knife
$54.99 $72.00
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BUCK Sheath, 110 Folding Hunter
Buck Knives Mini SpitFire - Orange
$29.99 $48.00

Recent Reviews - Buck Knife Selection

This knife is so sharp so cool the sheath is so nice the blade is shine the Micarta handles are a bit uncomfortable but I love it.

The knife is as advertised. It is well built in the USA and stays sharper than other knives made in China.

Good news and bad news. First, the sheath seems sturdy and well made. The bad news is in the design. The knife will only fit in the sheath one way - - so if not orientated correctly, will not go in. Makes for some fumbling around trying get the knife back in the sheath. Frustrating.

The rosewood handle looks great. This knife opens with ease and has a great blade. It's a little heavy for EDC as a pocket knife, but it comes with a nice nylon sheath for belt carry. It's built solid like all Buck knives. I also like the liner lock - you can open and close the knife with one hand.

Strong knife with perfect lines. Everyone that sees this knife say's WOW! NICE.

I have carried a Buck knife since 2000, my very first one was a buck 309 companion that was a high school graduation gift, I still have knife and carried it for 14 yrs, till last week when I ordered my Buck 303 Cadet, I like a three blade knife and wanted to keep my 309 companion put up. The 303 Companion is my everyday carry and I have and I have only had it since Tuesday and have used it a few times to open my mail, put ice in my cooler while camping. I can't wait to use it alot more.

By Ronald O.
Buck Knives Folding Hunter Sheath, Black Nylon

I like this sheath because it holds close to my body, therefore, not catching on things I pass. My knife fits real well too.

About Buck Knives

Buck Knife Selection

Buck Knives makes the perfect knife for everyday and outdoor recreation use-hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, diving, boating, survival, tactical, defense & rescue. Collectible & custom knives. Related products, equipment & accessories.

Buck Knives is the #1 recognized brand in sports cutlery, with over 100 years experience of making knives. We make each knife with the highest quality stainless steel alloy, specially chosen for the use of the knife. Then, we use a proprietary process developed by Paul Bos to heat-treat our blades for optimum performance and durability. Our Edge2x™ Technology creates a blade that is sharper out of the box, holds its edge longer and is easier to resharpen.

Buck Knives pioneered the concept of end-use categories to match the needs of the user. With in-house engineers and collaborations with professional knife users and makers, we tailor the design, materials and construction to match the intended use of each knife.