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Dagger Knife Selection

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Before there were swords, the weapon of choice among warriors was a dagger. Knife collectors today might not have a lot of use for the short, thrusting jabs daggers are made for, but these blades remain popular, as you can see from the variety of choices available. You'll find fantasy-inspired blades perfect for hunting dragons, along with the more practical single-blade models. Whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift, our personalized customer service ensures you'll find just the right dagger – shipped fast, and at an affordable price. Take your time and review the many dagger knife styles in our huge online catalog then contact us if you have any questions.

SOG Pentagon Tactical Boot Knife
Our Price: $69.99
Savings: $33.51 (32%)
full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star
Cold Steel Torpedo Throwing Knife
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $4.97 (14%)
full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star
Boker Plus V-42 Devil's Brigade
Our Price: $72.49
Savings: $36.46 (33%)
Cold Steel Knives Best Pal Plain Edge- Fixed Blade Knife
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $4.05 (12%)
Fantasy Dagger with Table Display Stand
Our Price: $14.99
Savings: $2.99 (17%)
full starfull starfull starfull starempty star
Cold Steel Knives Hand-And-A-Half Dagger w/Leather Scabbard
Our Price: $133.49
Savings: $66.50 (33%)
Cold Steel Knives Hand and A Half Dagger with Leather/Wood Scabbard
Our Price: $173.49
Savings: $26.50 (13%)
SOG Specialty Knives Mini Pentagon
Our Price: $61.99
Savings: $26.01 (30%)
Gerber Uppercut Push Dagger, Black Dual Edge Plain
Our Price: $45.99
Savings: $14.01 (23%)
Fox U.T.K. Undercover Tactical Knife - Small
Our Price: $126.49
Savings: $47.51 (27%)
Cold Steel Knives Companion Dagger to Ribbed Shell Rapier, Leather Scabbard
Our Price: $188.49
Savings: $111.50 (37%)
Scorpion Dagger
Scorpion Dagger
Our Price: $18.49
full starfull starfull starempty starempty star
United Cutlery United Honshu Push Dagger Black Tango Large
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $3.81 (11%)
Black Knight Dagger
Our Price: $17.99
United Cutlery M48 Push Dagger, Large
Our Price: $20.99
Savings: $9.01 (30%)
Gerber Mark II, Black Aluminum Handle, Black Blade, ComboEdge
Our Price: $89.99
Savings: $28.73 (24%)
Medieval Dagger
Our Price: $19.99
Full Tang Tactical Dagger
Our Price: $16.99

Recent Customer Reviews - Dagger Knife Selection

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Steve C. from Winston-salem, NC
If throwing with a purpose is your aim, the Torpedo is excellent. It's weight "might" be a small issue for some, but it is without a doubt a powerful and fairly simple weapon of defense or just throwing at a target. It will do the job without a doubt!!!
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Luis E. from Houston TX
Well yes I got my dagger pretty fast, I love it so much that I order a second one, looks very solid well made thanks I am happy!
full starfull starfull starfull starempty star
Greg S. from Oconomowoc, WI
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old grandson to display in his room. This knife is not at all practical to actually use, but it sure was a big hit with him. The knife really looks cool and for a 10 year old, what more could you want?
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Deborah N. from Bossier City, LA
The item was bought as a gift. Upon receiving the knife, I closely inspected the quality and was amazed at the craftsmanship and detail of the knife. The recipient thought it was awesome.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Bob N. from Susanville, CA
Really unique design.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Kevin H. from Colorado
Very few knives deserve a 5-star rating, but as others have said, for the money, I've never seen a better deal. Most integrals - knives made from a single billet cost $300 and up. 440C is still a very good steel, and the fit & finish on this knife have to be seen to be appreciated. Most factory daggers have a little imperfection in the blade geometry - it's hard to get the grind-lines symmetrical. This knife is spot-on, sharp edges have been rounded, the micarta handle is equally secure and comfortable in a variety of grip positions, I just can't say enough about this knife. If the price were doubled, it would still be a great value. Best $100 I ever spent on a knife.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
David G. from Huntsville.TX
Another excellent item from Cold Steel! Fit the hand perfectly. Just the right size for any encounter be it human or animal! It's a great "last resort" defense item. It's not cheap but neither is a funeral! I carried 2 of these in Iraq and had to use them on more than one occasion and trust me, they'll get you out of a jam quick when silence is key! I think they should be a standard military issued item because the do work well.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
David G. from Huntsville,TX
Great for what it's made for. Nice feel and heavy duty. Yes it will get sharp if you know how to sharpen knives to begin with! The sheath needs to be a little better built but it does work as is.

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