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Old Hickory Chef's Knife / Santoku Selection

Ontario Old Hickory 7" Butcher Knife
Our Price: $12.99

Recent Customer Reviews - Old Hickory Chef's Knife / Santoku Selection

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Gregg W. from Houston, TX
Fantastic knife for the money. I purchased two. One for the kitchen and one for "tail-gating" at football games. Both keep an edge and are easy to sharpen with a steel. As with any good knife I hand wash and use the sharpening steel after heavy cutting.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Jt W. from Denton TX
This is an excellent knife. It looks good and handles well.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Corey A. from St. Louis, MO
This is the best kitchen knife I've ever owned. The shape of the handle and the size of the blade are just right. This knife sharpens very easily on a fine diamond hone with a few strokes on a steel to finish. Strop is few times and it will shave. My #1 in a drawer full of pricey knives.
Corey A. reviewed:
full starfull starfull starempty starempty star
C. A. from St. Louis, MO
This is a excellent made knife, but it doesn't sharpen very easily, and if you run it through the dishwasher, the edge-holding ability decreases dramatically. Not a good combination for a house-knife. If I had an electric hone to run it through, I'd use if more often.
full starfull starfull starempty starempty star
Daniel A. from Elmurst, NY
Very Pretty Knife, but DULL.
Daniel A. reviewed: Custom Made Damascus Chef Knife with Olive Wood Handle
full starfull starfull starempty starempty star
Judith S. from San Diego, CA
I am disappointed in my knife. It doesn't stay sharp. It was hard to cut with in a very short time after buying it. I have another knife which I am saving to cut the Thanksgiving turkey! I hope this knife is better than the first one I bought.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Glenna K. from Schanburg, IL
I had used my daughters knife on one occasion and found it amazing in completing the job I was doing. The knife is so sharp and has cut through everything I have used it on . We eat a lot of corn on the cob in the summer and I cook it in the microwave and,cut the fat end off and just shake the corn out and this knife is the only one I have that will cut through the large end of a piece of sweet corn, I also bought one for a friend because I was so impressed with the knife.
full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Russ F. from Bradenton, FL
I'm a 6'4" guy and this is my favorite kitchen knife. It seems to be the right size for about every task and holds an edge better than any of my German knifes. The end is even good for spreading mayo:)
Russ F. reviewed: Santoku Set (Blue)

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