Condor Tool and Knife

Condor Tool and Knife

If you're looking for simplicity, Condor Tool & Knife's extensive collection of machetes, knives, axes, and survival tools have got it in spades. Founded in 2004 by the German Gerb Weyesberg Company, Condor's catalog of minimal, but lovingly crafted tools is proof that, in their case, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Every one of their famously durable knives, axes, and tools is backed by Knife Depot's 60-day money-back guarantee, which will cover you in the rare case that you're not happy with your purchase.

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This is a well made and balanced tool. it splits my fat lighter with ease.

Chops really well, is very controllable, goes through soft and hard branches well. While it will chop through larger diameter stuff, that not what it is best at (I.E.- use a chainsaw). I have used this machete to clear fence lines and to clear under trees before falling them; the design is a good one, no hand fatigue and given the expanded base compared to the top of the grip, it stays in your hand. Probably the best machete I have used. It's pricey but worth the money.

The product is great, and yet the delivery process was a disaster.

By Robert G.
Condor Tool and Knife Jungle Bowie II Knife with Blasted Satin Blade and Leather Sheath

Great Blade, leather sheath is solid.

Great knife for the money, full tang verified by a magnate, sheath is heavy leather and so far holds the blade sufficient even though there is no retention strap, bottom line if you want a large tough outdoors knife and don't have the means or desire to drop a $100+ for a RTAKII or a Jungalas I strongly suggest looking at this blade as an option.

I just received my Dundee bowie ahead of schedule and I am very impressed! A magnet confirmed that this beast IS full tang, chops great so far should make a great woods companion. Well worth the money so far! Thank you Knife-Depot!!

These are the best all around throwing stars I've ever used. They are very sharp, They have a good heft and come with a fantastic sheath. They are also very easy to stick in a variety of targets. Everything else pales in comparison

By far, the best brush-demo tool I've ever owned. It's got a wide and heavy end, along with a very thick blade that generates a lot more force than machetes you find in the big-box stores. The blade was VERY SHARP right out of the box. I've chopped every type of swamp and forest growth at my hunt club in NC, from cane and thorn bushes to small trees and this tool makes short work of it all. With proper blade maintenance, this tool will not fail you. What could be improved: The thick leather sheath is very nice but the securing straps get in the way while putting the blade back in the sheath. You have to hold each strap back individually to put the machete back in the sheath and this puts your fingers very close to the blade while you are sliding it back in the sheath. I have cut the back of my thumb a couple times. Also, there is the chance of cutting the straps when sliding the blade out of the sheath. To be fair, these are two common problems with all sheaths. These problems would be alleviated if the straps could be folded back and held out of the way by a fastener system on the other side of the sheath. Simple enough solution, yet no company out there seems to have picked up on this and done something about it.

About Condor Tool and Knife

Condor Tool and Knife

The man behind the Condor Tool & Knife designs:

Arlan started A. D. Lothe & Associates, Inc. in 1988 as a design, new product development and marketing consulting company that specializes in knives, hand tools and kitchen items.

Over the years Arlan has designed for and consulted with many nationally known firms, including Chicago Cutlery, Camillus Knife, Fiskars, Gerber, Wusthof Trident, Warner Manufacturing Company, Woodworker’s Supply, Outers Laboratories, Condor Tool & Knife, Inc and many others. Arlan supports his knife and tool design work with a collection of over 3,000 knives, over 300 axes and a library of hundreds of knife and tool books and antique catalogs from around the world.

A most notable project was his design of the Miracle Blade 3 knives as seen on TV, with Chef Tony, which turned out to be the best selling knife line in the history of direct response television.

In 1995 Arlan and his client were awarded the “Best New Product from the State of Minnesota” from QVC and he went on to do over 120 live shows selling his Slices Perfect Kitchen Slicing System. He has also done shows for QVC in the UK and Germany.

In 2000 Arlan was awarded two “Retailers’ Choice Awards” for two of his FireStone axe designs at the National Hardware Show in Chicago. There were only 25 such awards given that year, selected from over 250,000 items on display.

Arlan is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, wood worker, gourmet chef and a knife and axe thrower. Most of his designs come from practical experience and 35 years of creative endeavors.

In 2006 Arlan was inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame for “out standing design”. The IKTHF is made up of the finest knife and axe throwers in the USA who have sanctioned competitions all over the country. One of his axe designs, the FireStone Sport Axe, has won more competitions than any other axe in the history of the sport.

Arlan holds over 20 patents on items such as knives, hand tools, broad heads, knife sharpeners and others.

Arlan’s design and product development philosophies are very elemental; make something better or develop some thing new that satisfies the wants and needs of the end user, while providing high perceived value and unique designs to better the competition, while providing clients with engineering that can be produced at above normal profit margins, which sell through well and brings repeat business. Being a “knife nut” him self he understands the psyche of other “knife nut’s” which helps him to create “just got to have” designs even when a buyer all ready owns hundreds of knives.

Arlan and his wife and business partner Dottie live in central Wisconsin in a log home they designed and built from trees they cut themselves from their 160 acre woodland farm they call “Valhalla”. They have an office, design studio and conference center in their home; two prototype shops, one for wood and plastics and another for metal. There is also a knife and axe throwing range, archery range, rifle and pistol ranges, trap range, 22 miles of trails, three ponds and at the back of the property a 20’X32’ Desert Storm military tent, which serves as a Whitetail Deer hunting camp.