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Dagger Knife Selection

Medieval Dagger
Our Price: $20.99
Silver Stag Alaskan Camper
Our Price: $152.15
Savings: $40.71 (21%)
Medieval Dagger
Our Price: $19.99
Boker Swiss Dagger
Our Price: $294.49
Savings: $74.51 (20%)
German officer Dagger
Our Price: $23.49
Scorpion Dagger
Our Price: $18.49
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Prince of Persia Dagger
Our Price: $29.99
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SOG Knives Daggert 2 (Bead Blasted) Fixed Blade Dagger Knife
Our Price: $105.49
Savings: $10.51 (9%)
Spider Bowie Dagger
Our Price: $23.99
Ka-bar Knives Zombie "Death" Dagger
Our Price: $59.99
Savings: $19.43 (24%)
Gerber Mark II, Black Aluminum Handle, Black Blade, ComboEdge
Our Price: $89.99
Savings: $28.73 (24%)
Boker A-F  5.5 Fixed Blade Tactical knife
Our Price: $356.49
Savings: $88.51 (20%)
Entrek Bullet MKII Knife Tactical Fixed Blade Dagger
Our Price: $164.99
Savings: $60.07 (27%)

More Information About Dagger Knives

  • Types of Daggers - Daggers are some of the world's most longstanding weapons. Learn about the different types, such as: the Bagh Nakh, the Bollock dagger, the cinqueda, jambiyas, Scottish dirks, trench knives and more.
  • What are Daggers? - The dagger is one of history's most infamous tools. Learn about its evolution throughout the ages and the types of daggers available to collectors today.
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