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Leatherman Fixed Blade Knives

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Recent Customer Reviews - Leatherman Fixed Blade Knives

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Ronald M. from Buffalo NY
I liked the size of the knife small enough to conceal but would be better if you could hook it to your belt besides hanging around your neck.
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Brad S. from Oregon
I like this knife it has a good point but it's rather dull.
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Jim M. from Philadelphia, PA
John S from Roselle Il.... This is a duplicate of a Government issued Fighting Knife... If it doesn't do what you need maybe you should try a candy cane. KaBar should issue the hardness scale and the steel grade of this manufacture, otherwise great purchase.
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Caleb L. from Jacksonville, FL
My first experience with Cold Steel was less than tolerable, but then my friends talked me into getting one of their more expensive products. SK-5 is similar to American 1080 in composition, so the blade is rather tough for the price. The handle is rather durable for aluminum, and the glass breaker on the end is decent. But one plus about the blade is it actually came with a pretty decent edge. I almost cut myself because I'm used to $50 knives coming with almost no edge, but this is an exception. On a side note though, the handle is rather heavy, or at least a bit heavier than I thought it would be. Overall, a lot better than my last Cold Steel product. The only downside I can find is that it may not be full tang, it seems like it stops after the bottom screw/bolt.
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Everet M. from Franklin, OH
This is a great looking knife. I bought it for my grandson`s and he loves it.
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Lawrence M. from Grand Junction, CO
You must take this knife for what it was designed for, a small last chance knife or as a letter opener. It is not a hunting or tactical knife.
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Jace M. from Topeka, KS
Great knife! Extremely sharp out of the box, great quality overall, for the price, blade, etc. This is a MUST BUY knife for sure!
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Caleb L. from Jacksonville, FL
Great knife for the price. The digi-grip on the handle is absolutely amazing, even when your palms sweat. They came rather sharp out of the box, no rust or marks, and the first thing I noticed is the thickness of the blade. These knives, due to the steel, may chip, but will not break under normal circumstances. The sized is perfect for a small machete, or a slightly large bowie. This knife is a little blade heavy, which makes it a good chopper, and comes to a fine point, and the extended tang also adds a nice touch. The sheath is great for the price, sturdy enough to take moderate abuse. It comes with a pouch large enough to fit either a small survival kit or a pocket knife. My Gerber Paraframe II fits right in. Overall, very satisfied with this beast.
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