Hunting Knife Set Collection

Our hunting knife set selection offers a variety of hardcore hunting blades.  Check out our eight-piece field butcher kit, capable of dressing, skinning and deboning big game. If you’re looking for something more modest, our hybrid packs combine two of the hunter’s most essential tools: a deep-bellied skinning knife and a game saw. Other combinations include hatchet and skinner packages, some of which come with heavy-duty flashlights.  Whatever your preference, our hunting knife set collection has a grab bag of hunting tools.

And remember, every hunting knife set we sell is covered by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Hunting Knife Set Collection
SOG Knives Exchange
$64.95 $87.00
Outdoor Edge Kodi Combo
$66.99 $93.90
Outdoor Edge Trophy-Pak
$73.49 $103.95
Gerber Moment Kit 2
$44.99 $61.90

I bought this as a gift for an avid hunter young man. He was just thrilled and can't wait for elk season in Montana!

Everything you need but, will be a camp item or remain in the vehicle till you are finished hunting or fishing, then it will be a good set to have handy.

Excellent quality for the very reasonable price, great set and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

They look fantastic haven't had a chance to skin anything as of yet. Only one issue the blades are not sharp but after 15 to 20 min with my stones I could shave with them.

Here's a great processing kit from Outdoor Edge. There's a total of 12 pieces in this kit and I like them all. This is one of the few kits I've ever seen that comes with a cutting board and it's really durable. I use to carry 5 different knives to process the game that I would get and now I just take this along with me. I have this attached to my deer cart so it's easy for my to take it to the field. I looked for a long time until I got this and it's great I'll never go into the woods without it. this processing kit comes with 3" capping knife, game shears, 10" bone saw, 4 1/4" gut-hook skinner, tungsten carbide v-sharpener, ribcage spreader, 5 1/2" boning/fillet knife, carving fork, cutting board, 8" bowie style butcher knife, rubber gloves and hard carrying case. The knife blades are very sharp and hold a great edge. The handles fit in my hands perfect. The only thing that this kit doesn't have is your own butcher but who needs a butcher with this kit I sure don't. this is my first Outdoor Edge product I've owned but it won't be my last. There's only 1 thing I don't like about this kit is the part that holds all the knives in they seem weak and look like little lips and I'm sure they won't last long but I've also seen this issue on other processing kit's I looked at before.

This set was excellent. The only thing I will be adding to it to complete it for my use is a bone saw, otherwise the performance of the knives, and quality of them was more than adequate and I am very glad to have purchased them.

I bought this for my husband and he loved the set! He hunts and fishes every chance he gets and the price + delivery time were also outstanding, so a rave review from one happy wife!

Outstanding quality! The knife is well made and looks good. The best feature: both knives were/are sharp. When used for skinning, the edge stayed sharp through the entire job.