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The Tri-Hone from Smith's is a very affordable and top-quality home sharpening system, complete with a rotating center stone selector for easy reference to the various gradations of stone. This sharpening system includes a medium-grain Arkansas stone, a fine-grain Arkansas stone, and a coarse synthetic stone for a versatile and efficient method for getting your knives working like brand new! Includes a honing solution to clean and protect the sharpening surfaces, as well as a non-skid base and a "V-trough" oil catcher.

• Includes: 6 in. Medium Arkansas Stone, 6 in. Fine Arkansas Stone, 6 in. Coarse Synthetic Stone. Stone Mounted On A Molded Plastic Triangle With Handles On The End For Easy Rotation.

Model Number: TRI-6
Catalog Number: 12877
Average Rating:
By Elbe D. from Detroit, MI
January 22, 2015

After I learned how to use it I really liked it.

By Tom M. from Roseville, CA
November 29, 2013

Very nice quality and functions well. Love it.

By Eddie G. from Youngsville , LA
February 28, 2013

This is a fantastic knife sharpening stone set . The night I got it, I spent 3 hours putting a razor edge on three knives . One was a military marine knife that I was never able to put an edge on, despite a long attempt with my two Arkansas stones. However, using the rough stone that came in my tri-stone set, I was able to put a good edge on this KABAR and then I used the two finer stones to hone the blade until I could shave my arm hair with it. I bought a heavy duty knife for ten dollars at a pawn shop with a dull blade. In thirty minutes of work it now has a razor sharp cutting edge. It is one of my favorite knives now, what a bargain. I now own about 50 or so knives in my collection. What I really like also, is the angle gauge that came with the set that gives you the perfect angle to hold the blade to work on the stone. I truly recommend this set for anyone wanting to learn the proper way to sharpen and maintain a good knife.

By Michael R. from Orrstown, PA
January 19, 2006

I bought the Tri-Hone Sharpening System for someone else as a Christmas present. This person collects knives as a hobby and he said he really liked the tri-hone. He liked the design and the way it worked.

By Todd G. from Berkeley Springs, WV
January 11, 2014

The sharpening stones are what I expected. The holder is plastic, but hasn't broken yet. It does a good job of holding the stones as long as I hold it with one hand. The angle guide is almost a joke. I thought they forgot to send it till I saw a tiny piece of plastic in the box, less than 1/2" square.

By Paul P. from Cerritos, CA
March 27, 2009

I am still working on my technique to get the most out of the hone, but have gotten fair results so far. Most of my knives need significant work to bring them back to a really good edge. My only negative comment is the length of the stones when working long bladed knives.

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