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Knife Information & Tips

Welcome to Knife Depot's knife information page. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources about knives and knife accessories that will make your purchasing process easier. Have additional questions? Call or email our customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find the right knife.

Knife Guide

Have basic questions about knife shape, knife anatomy and what knife will fit your needs?  Our general knife advice section is a great tutorial for novice knife collectors or those needing a refresher on what makes a great knife.

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Knife Blades and Knife Edges

If you’re looking for an overview on basic blade shapes or want to learn the difference between serrated and plain-edge knives, our blades and edges section is the right resource for you.  We also have comprehensive descriptions of gut hook blades, trailing point blades, spear point blades and more.

Pocket Knives

Since time immemorial, man has been using pocket knives for hunting, fishing, box opening and hundreds of other things.  Learn about pocket knife lock types, the benefits of carrying a pocket knife and more.

Kitchen Cutlery

Whether you’re an aspiring chef or can barely slice a tomato, our kitchen knife section can help you get the education you need to buy the proper kitchen knife.  Learn about the different types of kitchen knives, the basics of cutting boards and more.

Knife History

Knives have been around since the stone age and those still around today have benefited from tens of thousands of years of improvements.  Our knife history section has the low down on some of the most popular and interesting knives on the market.  Learn about the history of the Barlow Knife, the legend of Jim Bowie and the Bowie knife and more.

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Survival, Hunting, Throwing and Machetes

These knives are some of the burliest we carry.  This section features articles like: Seven Uses for a Machete and Tips to Make You a Better Knife Thrower.  Learn about these heavy-duty blades and amp up your machismo.

Knife Care

What’s the point of buying high-quality knives if you don’t take care of them?  This section provides great advice on knife maintenance, knife sharpeners and much more.

Historical Weapons and Exotic Knives

Ever wanted to learn more about daggers or ninja swords? Here’s all the info you need about buying historical weapons and exotic knives.

Knife Laws

Owning a knife isn’t against the law, or is it?  Here’s a summary of the legal issues you may face regarding knife possession in addition to information about knife advocacy.

Tired of learning about knives and ready to make a purchase?  Check out our expansive collection of knives and knife accessories.  And remember, every product we sell comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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