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Wilton Armetale

Wilton Armetale

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Wilton Armetale
Wilton Armetale Company is a family-owned and family-run business founded in 1892 by Ralph P. Wilton, Sr. in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Wilton Armetale® serveware combines the look of silver and the warm feel of pewter into serving pieces that are easy to care for. Wilton Armetale® products are still individually cast and meticulously hand-finished so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Our mission is to provide our customers with practical ways to entertain with style and confidence. Wilton Armetale® products are cast using a painstaking process called sand molding, where an impression formed in sand is filled with the molten Armetale® metal. A select number of items are made in a similar fashion, using die casting.