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Welcome to the Pocket Knife Wizard

Looking for the perfect knife for yourself or a friend? Just answer the 6 questions below and we'll recommend the knives that best fit your needs, and give you an instant 5% coupon!

1. What type of pocket knife are you looking for?  

Single blade
Multi-blade or Swiss Army knife
Leatherman or Multi-Tool
Not sure, that’s why I’m taking this quiz

2. What is your price range?

Under $40
Under $79
I want the knife that best fits my needs, regardless of price.

3. Which of the following tasks is most important for your knife to be able to perform?

Skinning animals
Smashing through a car window during an emergency
Cutting heavy-duty rope or cord
Slicing thin wedges of caviar for a romantic spring picnic
None of the above

4. Which one of the following knives do you find more appealing?

Knife A
Knife B

5. Which of the descriptions below best describe you or the person you’re buying the knife for?

Tough-as-nails woodsman
Weekend backpacker
Family camping enthusiast.
Jack of all trades
None of the above

6. If you could eat dinner with any of the four following people or groups, who would you choose?

Donald Trump
Bear Grylls
Lynyrd Skynyrd
None of the above