Meat Cleavers

Hack through chicken, beef, pork or the meat of your choosing with our heavy-duty meat cleavers. Our meat cleavers will not only slice through bones and skin, but they’re also great for chopping up vegetables like radish, carrot, cucumber and others.  We carry Western-style meat cleavers and Asian-style cleavers, so you have maximum options when it comes to cutting and slicing in the kitchen.

And remember, all of our meat cleavers come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Meat Cleavers
Victorinox 7-Piece Field Butcher Dressing Kit
$139.99 $190.00
Free Shipping
Victorinox 7" Restaurant Cleaver Knife w/ Rosewood Handle
$104.99 $143.20
Free Shipping
EKA Butcher Knife  18 Cm/7
$24.99 $45.60
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Cleaver Set
$179.99 $258.00
Free Shipping
EKA-Butcher Knife, 6"
$34.99 $40.80

Knife looked used or not carefully crafted. Sloppy sharpening and made in the USA. I thought Victorinox was swiss made. None the less, very sharp, heavy and great for hacking.

By Raymond W N.
Meyerco Butcher Set 4 Knives Sharpener w/ Case

All items were received promptly. All items were sharp, handles were tight. All items function properly and used properly. I would recommend there items to my friends and Hunters as well.

This meat/bone clever is exceptionally well made. The rose wood handle has an oversize girth which lends a rugged "getter done' confident look to it that communicates this thing mean business. It is the real deal for those times when you need a heavy duty bone buster of a clever but it's also small enough to be very handy as a "just meat" cleaver as well. Don't let it's low price scare you away, the quality is all there it's a real bargain at an exceptionally good price.

By Chares A.
Meyerco Butcher Set 4 Knives Sharpener w/ Case

I like these very much, they are a great deal and worth the money.

Nice meat cleaver, good for a man (big hands) kinda thick handle, works great for me.

This set was excellent. The only thing I will be adding to it to complete it for my use is a bone saw, otherwise the performance of the knives, and quality of them was more than adequate and I am very glad to have purchased them.

This knife is wonderful for what I sell it for. BBQ cook off competitors here in Texas. Sharpens easily, complies with chuck wagon cook off rules, and is priced just right.

By James M.

Best cleaver I have ever used. It was sharp out of the box cuts smooth and fits my hand like a natural extension of my arm.

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