Kershaw Knives Meat Cleavers

Kershaw Knives Meat Cleavers

Knife looked used or not carefully crafted. Sloppy sharpening and made in the USA. I thought Victorinox was swiss made. None the less, very sharp, heavy and great for hacking.

By Raymond W N.
Meyerco Butcher Set 4 Knives Sharpener w/ Case

All items were received promptly. All items were sharp, handles were tight. All items function properly and used properly. I would recommend there items to my friends and Hunters as well.

This meat/bone clever is exceptionally well made. The rose wood handle has an oversize girth which lends a rugged "getter done' confident look to it that communicates this thing mean business. It is the real deal for those times when you need a heavy duty bone buster of a clever but it's also small enough to be very handy as a "just meat" cleaver as well. Don't let it's low price scare you away, the quality is all there it's a real bargain at an exceptionally good price.

By Chares A.
Meyerco Butcher Set 4 Knives Sharpener w/ Case

I like these very much, they are a great deal and worth the money.

Nice meat cleaver, good for a man (big hands) kinda thick handle, works great for me.

This set was excellent. The only thing I will be adding to it to complete it for my use is a bone saw, otherwise the performance of the knives, and quality of them was more than adequate and I am very glad to have purchased them.

This knife is wonderful for what I sell it for. BBQ cook off competitors here in Texas. Sharpens easily, complies with chuck wagon cook off rules, and is priced just right.

By James M.

Best cleaver I have ever used. It was sharp out of the box cuts smooth and fits my hand like a natural extension of my arm.

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