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Survival Knives, Hunting Knives, Throwing Knives and Machetes

survival knife

These knives are some of the burliest we carry.  This section features articles like: Seven Uses for a Machete and Tips to Make You a Better Knife Thrower.  Learn about these heavy-duty blades and amp up your machismo.

  • How To Choose the Best Survival Knife - Picture yourself in a survival situation. Perhaps you got injured on a solo hunting trip or maybe you became disoriented while walking through a forest and got lost. Regardless of how you end up in a survival situation, a knife is one of the few tools that will give you a fighting chance at making it out alive.
  • The Complete Hunting Knife Buying Guide - This guide has everything you ever need to know about the hunting knife, from its rich history to its many uses and characteristics.
  • How to Choose the Best Hunting Knife - When it comes to hunting, accept nothing but the best. In this article, we break down how to find the best hunting knife for your needs.
  • Five Uses for a Survival Knife - Survival knives have a multitude of functions in the great outdoors. Here are some tips on different ways you can use your survival knife.
  • Seven Common Uses for a Machete - A ubiquitous sidearm in Latin America and many developing countries, the machete is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and America as well.
  • Tips to Make You a Better Knife Thrower - The following tips are designed to introduce the beginning thrower to the basics of knife throwing.
  • How to Defend Against a Knife Attack - What should you do when you find yourself facing an attacker with a knife? Here are a few tips to keep you safe from a knife attack.
  • Hunting Knife Characteristics - We've broken down some of the key component of hunting knives to help you make an informed decision about your next purchase.
  • Knife Throwing For Beginners - Thinking about getting into the art of knife throwing? Our introduction to throwing knives teaches you everything you need to know about getting started.
  • The Most Exciting Knife Throwers in America - Who are the biggest names in knife throwing right now? Knife Depot has the scoop on our favorite performers and competitors.