Tanto Knife and Blade Selection

Japanese Tanto knives (or short swords) are characterized by their dagger-like design. The tanto knife first appeared around the year 900, and is a favorite among collectors today. At Knife Depot, you'll find a vast tanto blade selection, including single- and double-edged knives, straight and serrated blades as well as fixed-blade and folding styles. Look through the pages of tanto blades offered to find exactly what you're looking for, whether you prefer a utilitarian blade or a more decorative look. Affordable prices and unparalleled customer service make Knife Depot the best place to find a top-quality tanto knife (or two) to add to your collection.

Tanto Knife and Blade Selection
Gerber Edict
$59.99 $77.40

Nice big knife. Very sturdy with out being to bulky. Sheath leaves something to be desired, but for the price good value.

Great knife fit my hand very well holds an edge very well light weight and very durable I have been using it now a couple of weeks no complants at all I have recommended this knife to several people

Looks good, feels good..have not used yet. I feel it will preforn as intended.

Very sharp, cuts anything, metal banding, rope, all things freight wise. Assisted opening is perfect when your holding something with the other hand and can't let go! I use it at least 3-4 times a day, best everyday carry knife I have every had, I highly recommend!!!

I have been carrying CS knives for the last 15 years. Voyager is my favorite. This is to replace one that came up missing. I am naked without one. CS products have the beef. There is enough steel in these blades that I feel I can trust them. You should never carry a tool you don't trust.

These were ordered for the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association (NavyEODA) as logo gear for the Association Members. First displayed at the Annual EOD Round-Up in Virginia Beach. Everyone liked them, we will be ordering more.

I purchased a couple of these knives to keep in my vehicles in case I ever had to cut off a seat belt or smash out a window. In other words, I hope to never need to use them. The serrated blade and the metal bashing tip should do the job

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