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Valor Throwing Knives

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Recent Customer Reviews - Valor Throwing Knives

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Randy W. from Tulsa, OK
Excellent quality and truly precision knives. I like everything United Cutlery makes. The holster for them is ideal and quality as well. My only critique is the straps could be better. The clip doesn't allow for it to really be secure on you but other that than it's awesome.
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Bill N. from Central, FL
Great knives! May need to adjust your distance due to their weight, but these blades will find their way deep into a target. Sheath is a little tight. May loosen with use. Sleek design and nothing it doesn't need. Grips are suited for throwing or fighting. Actually useable & durable.
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Shannon H. from Mount Holly, NC
The set purchased was my first. They work great for throwing and are balanced great. The sheath don't hold to good on all three knives upside down,there's always one falling out. Three of four isn't bad
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Ryan J. from Florence, MS
Just like all the Cold Steel line of knives,this is an excellent knife. Great feel and balance,looks very nice and if you break this knife by throwing it you should consider a different hobby.
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Lois H. from Tucson, AZ
I can't begin to let everyone know how happy I am, not only with the service (the response time for my order was unbelievable!) but the knives as well (incredible deal). I placed my order, turned around, and the mailman was at my door with my knives. Went out to try them and was more than pleased that they were everything as advertised. The weight was perfect for me; right off the bat every throw nailed the target (12 for 12). You can already guess I am very pleasantly surprised and happy with my knives and my order with Knife Depot (especially since I had already ordered from two other places and had to return the order for lack of quality in their product)! Congrats Knife Depot - you've got my business from now on. Thank you very much!
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Brandon E. from New Jersey
These knives are great for beginners but as you start to become more of an advanced thrower I noticed with myself I threw them harder and was more confident as you throw them harder the points tend to bend very frequently and the string around the handles fell of within ten minutes but that wasn't a problem. If you want a really good knife set always look for 420 steel I noticed its a hard but soft metal at the same time so it won't bend as much but if it bounces of and hits a hard surface it wont chip and the dent will normally be small.
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Edward C. from San Jose, CA
These are the best all around throwing stars I've ever used. They are very sharp, They have a good heft and come with a fantastic sheath. They are also very easy to stick in a variety of targets. Everything else pales in comparison
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Tim M. from Fort Worth,TX
The knives are very strong but the tips on a few have bent already the target that came with the knives could not support the amount of force from the knife hitting it and it bends out of shape or the blade will penetrate through the target about an inch and a half

Throwing Knife Safety

When learning to use your throwing knife, make sure that your practice area is located in a safe place. You should have a clear view of your surroundings in all directions, so if someone enters the area you can stop throwing your knife. Spectators are always welcome, but they should stand at least 10 feet behind you. Sometimes, a throwing knife can bounce back and could cause injury. And of course, never throw your knives at people or animals.

More Information About Throwing Knives

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