Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

I'm happy with my purchase, the knives are great. I wish I was able to have them personalized at no charge though.

Awesome set of knives! When I received these I was kinda worried that the very sharp tip would bend/break easily but I am glad to be wrong. I have owned and thrown these on a regular basis for over a year and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I read a review that said these knives bent by being thrown hard. 1; If you're looking to start throwing knives, after you place your order,go find a couple log rounds! (About a 6" thick cut off from a downed tree). If you don't have access to a chain saw, you can just stop anytime you see a crew removing trees. Walk over and tell them you will pay them to cut a couple rounds for you, I offered a guy $5 and he was glad to cut me some. If possible,try to get a soft wood but honestly,any will do. 2; Throwing a knife hard is not only destroying your chances to ever form a good muscle memory but it's extremely dangerous! A very hard thrown knife can come back at you as fast as you threw it. There is no need to "power" the knife into a target. Throw it like you were playing baseball with your kid, not a major league catcher. I hope this post helps at least one person trying to get into throwing knives. It's a somewhat challenging,fun and very rewarding hobby. Kit Rae knives are a very good choice for a beginner or a long time thrower.

The knives themselves are good, but I ordered the black ones and got silver.

This set if knives are my favorite! They throw beautifully! I bought them as a Valentines present for my I want a set of my own!!!

Beautifully made, sleek look, feels great in my hands. No regrets. I am very pleased.

Bought these as a Xmas gift for a friend who's in to knife throwing. He freaked out over them, he says they are perfect and so far he hasn't had any problems with the product.

I spent several hours online to find the right set of knives and found these knives perfect for my daughter. The knives are great for beginners and have not chipped or lost there shape. I highly recommend these knives. We use a hard foam for practice which is perfect right out of the box. The knives have since been sharpened to be used on harder surfaces.