Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

I've had these in the past and are a great way to spend time "chunkin" while you're camping. The kids love them!!

It didn't take long before I was throwing these knives from a distance of twenty feet with no knife throwing experience. However on the fourth day I realized that two of the knives have already chipped. I was throwing these knives on wooden stumps which allowed my knives to stick well but they still chipped. They still work fine and still not bad for the money.

Needs quite a bit of practice, but in an expert hands. THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!

Fantastic first time thrower set, light and versatile. Takes a little bit of adjusting to the small size, but that's because I'm used to 5" blades and larger. But a great beginner set, highly recommended.

Fantastic knives. Great for first timers and professionals alike. Nicely balanced, a good weight, just generally a great knife to use you won't be disappointed.

Got these for my son's 17th birthday. Easy to throw - good fun!

Better than I thought, this is a good buy.