United Cutlery Collection

United Cutlery Collection

Whether your knife collection is functional or just for fun, United Cutlery has a blade for you. For over 20 years, United Cutlery has produced some of the highest-quality, in-demand knives on the market. As licensed producers of movie and video game replica knives and swords, United Cutlery offers a unique product for knife collectors.

All the United Cutlery knives in stock at Knife Depot are backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you have the assurance of knowing you're buying top quality that lasts. You'll have a hard time finding more value for your dollar than with a United Cutlery knife from Knife Depot.

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United Cutlery Hibben III Tactical Machete
$89.99 $159.50
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United Cutlery Hibben Throwing Axe
$42.99 $62.00

Recent Reviews - United Cutlery Collection

Reasonably well made and sturdy. My use will be for cutting brush around the yard and light firewood for the cabin. For what I want, it's just right.

These have a great feel to them possessing nice heft, but they're far from the lightest thing on the market. This may mean they hang too heavily on the belt for some people as all three sit in the same single pouch. I didn't buy from this site, so I can't say if the complete failure of my sheath (the leather de-laminated and began to tear within 5 hours of being on a belt) is a common problem or not. For those who don't like all their knives to touch in the sheath, a new sheath is recommended anyway. The handle cord does cut easily. While there are aesthetic and textural differences depending on whether the cord is on or off, I've found it to have negligible or no impact on the quality of the throws. Regarding size of the knives, I'm a 5'4" female and my husband is 6'3". We both like these blades for the balance, weight, and versatility. The handle grips well, with or without the cord, for mundane tasks as well as slides smoothly for throwing. I've even used the blades for some casual jobs like cutting back a vine at the edge of my property and opening plastic packaging. The black coating seems tough so far and they hold a reasonable edge versus plastic/PVC, wood, and earth. Expect a few dings and scratches if they impact concrete too often, though (duh). All in all, I'd recommend these any day of the week to a thrower or to anyone who likes to carry a multi-purpose knife and throws as a hobby.

Looks good, feels good..have not used yet. I feel it will preforn as intended.

Awesome quality

Awesome quality

Very nice knife. it has a nice sharp edge and comfortable to hold in your hand.

A little large, great for the price, looks awesome, assisted opening a dream. Bit hard, awkward to close with one hand practice,practice, practice! Over all a great package for the price.

It didn't take long before I was throwing these knives from a distance of twenty feet with no knife throwing experience. However on the fourth day I realized that two of the knives have already chipped. I was throwing these knives on wooden stumps which allowed my knives to stick well but they still chipped. They still work fine and still not bad for the money.