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Al Mar Knives

Al Mar Knives has been in the business for more than 30 years, and, like a good bottle of wine, they've been getting better and better over the years. Their unique designs all have the artisan's touch; their pocket knives, tactical knives and chef's knives are all hand-made and hand-sharpened by professional craftsmen, not machines.

The quality of Al Mar Knives won't disappoint, and if you need even more assurance, we also back every knife purchase with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Al Mar Sere 2000 Tactical Folder (Black)
$289.99 $360.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Osprey, White Pearl
$169.99 $205.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Hawk, Stainless Handle, Plain
$149.99 $180.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Hawk, Mother of Pearl
$224.99 $280.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Osprey Folding Knife, Cocobolo - 1001C
$139.99 $180.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Osprey, Stag Scale Handle, Plain
$169.99 $205.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Osprey, Stainless Handle, plain
$124.99 $145.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Payara Knife with G-10 Handle
$249.99 $310.00
Free Shipping
Al Mar Knives Sere 2000, Stainless Steel
$274.99 $345.00
Free Shipping

Recent Reviews - Al Mar Knives

The blade is a perfect length for use in the kitchen. Al Mar knives are made with high quality steel which holds a good edge. It fits well in the hand - balanced more to the rear (toward the handle) - very manageable blade in the kitchen

By Tom M.
Al Mar Knives Hawk/Ultralight, Talon Blade, 2 3/4 in., Blk Micarta, Plain

A truly beautiful instrument. Always with me, unfortunately even when going thru TSA screen at PDX. This is my third or fourth replacement. I'm a slow learner!

By Rangler J.
Al Mar Knives Eagle Ultralight Micarta 40% Serrated Single Blade Pocket Knife

This knife is a modern,sleek, gentleman's knife, but all the grit and 'can do' of a horse wrangler ultra light weight, slim in the pocket,smooth finished well built clip so it stays anchored in the pocket, fit and finish like a custom made knife of 5 times the price,the blade is finished with a 40% serrated that is like a fierce biting reptile, it will cut thru a 1 inch manila rope in one slash,the thumb screw opens the blade in blink of an eye [once polished and worked with a bit of polishing compound, and seated with exercised opening and closing,This knife by Al Mar should be in the Museum of Natural Art in NY.A culmination of the centuries of the knife makers art and superb craftsmanship. I worked with knives for 25 years, tested and sharpened over a quarter million knives at Sportsman's Shows in ten western states, every brand, style, make and model, I have seen handled, sharpened straight edge serrated and combo knives for a living, and this knife is the pick of the litter bar none,and This knife comes super razor sharp out of the box, not only cuts paper but literally shaved the ink off the page,use caution or band aids or super-glue or stitches your choice~!If you buy this knife you will see every word is true,if you lose this knife, you will wipe the tear away first then pick up the phone and order another right away-you will not want to be caught without one always. The last knife model you will ever want to buy and carry.Knife Depot is THE place to get this knife-they got me my replacement when NO one else could...good guys to be your knife supplier.

It is quite a nice little knife, with the emphasis on "little." Very sharp out of the box, and fits nicely into the "pocket-watch" pocket of blue jeans. Its manufacture, fit and finish is of the high quality Al Mar is known for.

This is my second Al Mar pocket knife and I was glad to see that the superior quality was still there. It was a little bigger at 9" overall than I would like, but otherwise no complaints

By Simon B.
Al Mar Knives Eagle Pocket Knife with Honey Jigged Bone Handle and Talon Blade

Superb, beautifully made, razor sharp and looks great.

By Blix Z.
Al Mar Knives 5" Chefs Knife Ultra Honesuki Knife Cocobolo

I love this knife ! I have used the same 5" chefs knife for 35 years, and replacing it was no easy job. I have bought many knifes and this is a joy to use! It's a razor that holds it's double edge.The handle has a larger girth than most, giving wonderful control. I keep it out on the counter because it's as beautiful as it is joyful to use.

By Charles K.
Al Mar Knives Chef's Knife, 6.00 in., Black Pakkawood Handle

I was very pleased with my Al-Mar chefs knives. Shopping with your website was very convenient. I would shop with them anytime!