Assisted Opening Knives

Assisted Opening Knives

When you need a knife that opens quickly and easily, our collection of assisted opening knives can't be beat. With slight pressure from your thumb, assisted open knives lock open for swift use. The little effort it takes to engage these sleek knives allows for maximum control. Spring assisted knives vary in style and function, but always give you the confidence that a sharp blade is just a quick flick away.  Unlike switchblade knives, assisted open knives are legal in all states.

And remember, all of our assisted opening knives, like every product we sell, come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

I like the G10 scales. They provide a good non slip grip, kept the handle narrow, and at the same time adds strength. The dip on top of the blade helps you to close it with one hand. It's not built for heavy use, but fine for many uses.

Great looking knife for the price. Unfolds quickly, and is VERY sharp. Great for everyday use.

I've carried this every day as well, close to 8months to a year. I've used it for throwing as well and taken quite an amount still functions like the day i bought it. Only thing thats ever happened to it is the pocket clip got lose and fell off but i'm just to lazy to screw it back in. Would recommend to anyone looking for a durable, sharp ass daily carry knife.

The knives I bought were very nice, The shipping time was incredible and I was very happy with the items I ordered.

Should have read closer, it isn't spring assisted. Very small knife, not what I expected at all.

The ease of opening the knife is a small detriment. I have had a problem with the knife opening in my pocket. That of course is a big negative due to the very functional extreme beak and fantastic sharpness of the blade. I like the color and functionality 5 stars there. But the danger to me with an open very effective blade in my pocket gives me a safety concern. I see the ease of opening the knife as a good thought and very effective design but the end result is cause for concern.

Man, I am loving the Kershaw Link. It's tough to beat a sub-fifty dollar price point for a full size, American-made tactical style folding knife--and the Link even has an assisted opening mechanism, which snaps open quick and easy. As shown in the photos, the blade opens with an index finger flipper (an ambidextrous thumb stud would have been a nice extra, but I'm not going to complain about the lack of one). The handle scales are light but feel solid, with a checkered grip. The blade size is perfect for my purposes, and there is also a plain edge model for those folks who don't like serrations. (Not sure if that model is sold by Knife Depot, but I wanted to let people know that it exists). The pocket clip is tight and secures the knife well, and it can be unscrewed and affixed to the other side if you want to clip the knife to a left hand pocket. Overall, I can't think of any negative aspects of the Link; it's my new everyday carry knife and I enjoy using it on a daily basis. --Highly recommended by me, a random person on the internet. :)

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