Buck Knives Assisted Opening Knives

Buck Knives Assisted Opening Knives

Good knife for the money

Beautiful knife, inscription was perfect, quick open. Everything I was looking for!

Awesome Knife with Awesome Service. It Was A Great Gift to Give

Ordered two already! Absolutely love this knife!! I gave to my son, and he loves it. I had his name and Marine slogan Simper Fi engraved on it . The style reminds my of his 9mm lol, and it is very sturdy feeling - not light and cheap feeling for sure. Just overall nice in every aspect!! I would recommend to anyone! And I will be getting more for sure for gifts! I had an issue with the mailing address ( I didn't include the full address because I was getting sent to my job). I had to contact the company and they got right back immediately, was extremely nice, and even gave me a discount on the shipping because I had put the wrong delivery method. She didn't have to even give me the discount because I didn't notice, she did. The point is, the quality of the company and customer service matches the knife !!!!

My daughter loved this gift! Definitely the place to buy quality knives!

Weight and size and design as expected Quality of the blade assisted opening system needs training and a little bit rough ideal pocket knife or into the waistband

Hi. THANKS to my Granson. I now have a greater tool . To carry. Since i left the Army 50 years Ago. 0h. Bless you all for this Product.

The knife is well-built it's good knife for the price I paid

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