Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Assisted Opening Knives
Gerber Mini Fast Draw Tanto
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Blade design is great. I like S30V steel and it came very sharp. Excellent fit and finish. Assist action is crisp. The blade is secure when open and closed. Safety works great which is important for police carry because, when locked, knife can't be opened by a person who isn't familiar with the safety.

This is a very nice knife it feels really good in your hand and opens fast and easy it's grate for the outdoors and just about anything you would need a small knife for it takes and keeps a good edge you can carry it anywhere safely and snap it open in a second Kershaw keeps it's rep up with this one so I recommend this knife to anyone you are sure to be satisfied

I bought a rainbow stiletto knife and the mechanics was not working properly so I contacted Knife Depot. No problem with return, they paid for the postage and I received a brand new knife. I have bought over 10 knifes from Knife Depot, I will always stick with them. A+++

It feels like a much cheaper knife than what I paid for it.

This is a wonderful product, keeps a good edge too as I am a professional sharpener. I am very particular. Looking forward to many years of service.

Great knife. Perfect size to carry everyday. Handle is rough and would like the clip on the other side.

perfect pocket knife that holds an edge, easy to open with one hand. I don't use the belt clip but like it to let me know its in my pocket. I would buy another but dont need to. Thanks.

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