Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Best knife I've ever owned. Smooth action and excellent workmanship.

I unassisted the knife by taking out the spring and removed the safety. While the spring assist was nice and opened the blade quickly the knife is much nicer without it. Without the spring assist it can be opened and closed with one hand. I can flick the knife open just as fast and smooth without the spring. And closing one handed with the axis lock is awesome. The axis locks still have two small springs that help close the knife at the end. I was a little unsure about taking apart the knife since it was my first time, but it was very easy. I just took a few pictures along the way to remember what size bolts went where. pretty straight forward task that took me about 20-30 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. Greatly improves the knife and is now even more fun to play with opening and closing.

Very affordable compared to other brands of OFT Folders without compromising quality. Very smooth operation and the blade does not wiggle like some other OFT knives. I have long wanted Microtech OFT but after handling my Schrade Viper OFT I don't see any reason to go with those brands. For a quarter of the price this knife fulfills my needs.

Love the knife but a couple of dislikes and they are no need for a pocket clip for a small knife and the paint is rubbing of the knife .

I had one for 5 year's twice the blade opening assisted broke I had no problem getting another one after I sent it in the last one didn't break love the knife but they need another major assist button made of metal

Great knife! Great price and great customer service.

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