Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

Gerber Assisted Opening Knives

This is my third Ken Onion knife. I like the ambidextrous thumb stud. Best of all it's made in the USA !

I really liked this knife at first, it was super sharp, lightweight, and fast opening with a smart release. Then the rubber started to come off the sides, interfering with the action...I tried trimming it, I refastened it using super glue, but it kept getting loose. I finally put this one away and bought the Columbia River (CRKT) M4-02...which is far pays to spend more.

I got this knife ,and immediately loved it. It is a very sturdy ,handsome knife. I especially like the assisted open,very smooth action.It was super sharp,and holds a fine edge readily. The belt clip is a bit stiff, but that is a good thing,I don't want this one to get away.

Great, sold but light weight and very sharp knife that is simple to operate.

Because of the brand name, and the high quality. It's the toughest edc I have, and I totally abuse it every time I carry it! The MAGIC feature is really well thought out, works well with the size, safety and thumb studs. The reason I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because this blade has a sliding mechanism on the back / top of the knife, and there's no functional reason for it. This knife holds an edge pretty well, but the coating on the blade has worn off and looks abused, and I'm okay with that. Because it is! Nice thick blade, swift assisted opener, dependable locking mechanism, lanyard hole, glass breaker and more. Fits in a larger hand, even with gloves. If you need a tough workhorse assisted edc, this is the one. Recommended because nothing has changed on my knife, except the appearance despite how much I abuse it. Go get one.

I bought this knife because it looked really nice in the picture. I`ve had it a few months now and it looks even better.It came razor sharp out of the box.It fjust feels real good in my hand. The assisted opening system on this folder is awesome. Just one little flip of the thumb and the blade exits it`s folded position inside the handle with lightning speed.The safety feature on this knife will not allow the blade to close up on you while using it.I like to put a different E.D.C in my pocket every day and this awesome CRKT folder is one of them.

This knife has good matirial for the price and has been usefull to me. I have used it for woodcarving and at scouting events and has done well. However when you get this be sure to tighten the frame screws other than that no complaints

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