Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Really awsome knife real light weight and smooth assisted open. one of my edcs

Great knife for the money. Sturdy.

I have owned my 06 Fast Folder Tanto for a couple of months. I have a very nice collection of tanto Folders, but the Gerber is my favorite and also my daily carry > It is extremely sharp as I used my Japanese stones on it a bit. It is tough, and quick and very well made ~

Great knife, blade is sharp sharp and is easy to maintain. The clip is strong and a nice size, wish I had all four ends as an option to mount the clip to though... the finish is great and resists scratches pretty well. Feels great in the hand and is easy to deploy.

I own several Kershaw knives so when this knife came out I decided to add it to my collection. I like everything about the knife. The blade arrived nice and sharp and stays sharp, at least for awhile. The handle feels great in the hand, no pinch anywhere, even from the clip. The reason I gave only 4 stars is because the blue anodizing is beginning to wear off. The bright aluminum is showing through. All in all great knife.

I picked up one of these a couple of months ago before they were readily available. At first, I liked the two-toned blade and the spring assist is pretty slick. The lock took some getting used to, it was a little short, barely above the frame, so it was hard to unlock at first. Good looking knife and very sturdy. Then I used it on cardboard, rope, etc., nothing ridiculously hard like wood or copper wire. After a couple weeks of use, I noticed that the black portion of the blade showed signs of wear, to the point that I decided to remove the color completely by using a brass wire wheel. It seemed like the color should have been more durable, but it wore through much quicker than I expected. All in all, its still a good solid EDC that holds a good clean edge. Precision of the build could have been better, but you cant beat the price.

Very solid...lightning fast. Easy for my wife to handle.

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