Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Boker Assisted Opening Knives

Brass knuckles AND fast open assist in one piece? Totally badass, if maybe not very useful. And most-likely illegal - though I haven't bothered to look it up. It's not a practical use item, as there are better knives and better brass knuckles, though it is solid and quality made. The knuckles are split to allow the blade travel and the blade lock is clumsy to access and operate inside the index finger hole, but the blade opens fast and smooth and locks nice and tight. I don't see taking it out of the house. More like a very cool toy for the collection or a gift idea. This knife/knuckle combo looks great, works well enough and is priced low for the fun. I'm glad I bought it and may buy some more as gifts.

Everything is great except one thing and if I had known, I wouldnt have been super excited after my first 581 to run out and get another. It took me about 9 months of edc to see that the scale screws don't hold the way a 200 dollar knife should. If you buy this knife you'll love it just tell them to send a whole extra set of scale screws clip screws...I will put the same review on knife center & amazon so ppl get the heads up, might as well just buy a regular barrage I suppose...


Great knife and great engraving to personalize it. I will certainly look at doing this perhaps as an annual present for my boys. delivery was faster than advertised which is always a good surprise.

This is a simple, neet little knife. Opens easily, once you've mastered the technique, with great lock-up. Excellent edge on this thing, and easy close-up, perfect centering. Love the carbon fiber handles, real classy look, and overall light. The blue titanium spacers are uniform in color, minimalist in placement, but just adds that extra flare. A tad expensive for it's size and the amount of steel you get, but if you are into collecting these pieces, it would be a nice addition to your collection.

I own approximately 200 knives and one way or the other they are all interesting. This knife I am crazy about. It looks super cool, very sharp and comfortable in your hand. It is a perfect example of the EDC and it's hard to find fault with.... And it's a one hand open - close knife that is fastttt....FOR THE PRICE YOU CANT GO WRONG !

Great knife, smooth transaction and superfast shipping! A++++++++++++++++

Holds it's edge very well, sharpens back up very nicely. Speed safe function is awesome!

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