Automatic Knives

Automatic Knives
Benchmade Bedlam Automatic Knife, Axis
$255.00 $285.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade-Infidel Out the Front Automatic Knife
$416.99 $475.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade Infidel Out the Front Automatic Knife
$408.00 $470.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade Stryker, Automatic Knife
$229.50 $260.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade Benchmade-Sibert Automatic Knife
$233.75 $255.00
Free Shipping
Columbia River (CRKT) M-16 Automatic Knife
$194.99 $300.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade Presidio Automatic Knife
$229.50 $265.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade 3150 Impel
$161.50 $185.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade-Auto Stryker
$229.50 $260.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade 3320 Pagan Automatic Pocket Knife
$365.50 $425.00
Free Shipping
Benchmade Triage AXIS Lock Automatic Knife
$255.00 $290.00
Free Shipping

When you're in a life or death situation, nothing is more important than having a knife open and ready at the push of a button. That's why automatic knives are only available to law enforcement officers and members of the military. If you're authorized to buy an automatic knife, these quick and easy-opening tools are not only gamechangers but lifesavers.

In order to purchase an automatic knife, you must verify your government, law enforcement, or military employment status after purchase. We will send you an email on how to submit your official identification material. Please note that automatic knives are not to be carried concealed and you must check your local laws on their legality in your area.

Good knife,but the blade is coated in a shiny black dlc paint and when that wears out from opening & closing the knife where the knife meets the backstop their is noticeable front and back blade play, and you can not fix this unless you install a thicker backstop.

super knife, very easy to keep sharp and holds an edge very well, also being an auto it is easy for me to open and close one handed, just one thing be nice to be able to buy selected blades for this knife instead of buying the complete set

super knife just like I had when I was active duty some 30 years ago, very easy to keep sharp and holds an edge very well, also being an auto it is easy for me to open and close one handed

Beautiful, smooth action knife. Can easily represent next to any of your more expensive blades. FYI, you'll need special approval to purchase this automatic knife.

By Gary R.
Ontario Knife Company (OKC) ARK- Automatic Rescue Knife

The knife is very well-made and extremely robust. It's a shame that it's not very well known. Anybody that might need an emergency rescue KNIFE this is the one it is no joke KNIFE as I said before it is very very robust.

Well made, large -easy to grip, a little slow opening, slightly heavy.

This knife has exceeded my expectations thus far!! I owned a CRKT knife before and knew they were well built and solid, but this one is more solid then my old one!! I didn't think that was possible but it is. I have also owned other assisted opening knifes but this one is built so much better. I am a LEO and former Iraq Vet and this is one of the best knifes I have ever owned. I would highly recommend to anyone in Law Enforcement or Military.

When I received the knife it was not sharp. I had to sharpen it myself. The blade locks 9 out of 10 times when I push the button. I'm would prefer 10 out of 10 but whatever. I do like the way it clips on the pocket, it's not bulky on the end and I can still get my hand in my pocket without the knife getting in the way.