Badass Knives of the Week

Badass Knives of the Week
Best Seller
Winchester 14.25" Huge Bowie Knife
$21.99 $34.56
Al Mar Sere 2000 Tactical Folder (Black)
$274.99 $360.00
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Best Seller
Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife
$19.99 $29.00

Look up badass in the Oxford dictionary and you’ll see the words tough, uncompromising, and intimidating. But look up badass in our dictionary and you’ll see these knives.

There are thousands of knife designs from hundreds of manufacturers, but not all of them can accurately and definitively be called badass. So we began setting out each week to highlight a knife that deserves the title we call the Badass Knife of the Week.

The knives found on this page have all been previous winners of the prestigious award, showcasing characteristics, designs, and craftsmanship that ooze with badassery. You can also read the detailed entries over at the Badass Knife of the Week blog page.

It's lightweight and very well finished. The feeling of security that it conveys to its carrier is invaluable.

The knife is well constructed, it is a KABAR, the only issue I have is with the sheath. While it is a good construction and well design, there is a small pouch that is on the front of the sheath that could be used for something but that something is not clear.

1) the handles are rounded it doesn't A) dig into your hand B) if they hit each other it's better for the knives 2) They're well balanced. I'm new to knife throwing I like them I do recommend them.

I have a number of Shrade knives and they're all quality blades. I'd stack my Shrade next to any knife costing three times as much. 1095 carbon steel is one of the easiest to sharpen steels on the market. It holds it's edge, I can litterally shave with any one of them. They're thick, tough, durable full tang tools you'll pass on to your children and they're more than capable. What have you got to loose for thirty bucks. If you buy one Shrade you will buy more. I've never bought a knife that was so well made and of such high quality steel for such a reasonable price than Schrade.

This knife is just what they claimed it would be. It has a good weight to it and to me that makes a lot of jobs a lot easier. I'm sure it will be very handy and sharp for many years

This is an awesome knife, bought it without any research and was surprised on how it feels , looks and responds. Super heavy duty and now is my daily carrier knife. Everyone I show wants it so that says a lot

Always liked Smith and Wesson knives buy them every chance i get will be buying more of them