Badass Knives of the Week

Badass Knives of the Week

Look up badass in the Oxford dictionary and you’ll see the words tough, uncompromising, and intimidating. But look up badass in our dictionary and you’ll see these knives.

There are thousands of knife designs from hundreds of manufacturers, but not all of them can accurately and definitively be called badass. So we began setting out each week to highlight a knife that deserves the title we call the Badass Knife of the Week.

The knives found on this page have all been previous winners of the prestigious award, showcasing characteristics, designs, and craftsmanship that ooze with badassery. You can also read the detailed entries over at the Badass Knife of the Week blog page.

Best Seller
Winchester 14.25" Huge Bowie Knife
$24.99 $31.00
Al Mar Sere 2000 Tactical Folder (Black)
$269.99 $360.00
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this if the 5th buck I have owned over my 69 years. all of which are still in use. the 3 I just purchased were gifts ( 1 was gift for myself ). good quality blade that keeps it edge for a long time.

This is Sheraton little knife for most uses. I tend to be a little hard to to please looking for utility, fine work and "abuscability" in all my knives, but this is a knife that scores pretty high. The blade is thin at point, thick on spine, and of good quality steel. The scales are thick, to fill the palm during heavy use, and of tuff quality as well. The only draw back I could see is balance tends to be heavy toward the rear, and that being the only thing keeping it from being a five star rating. Thank you for a really good companion knife to add to my edc

Probably the best pocket knife i have owned, i wish i had a choice of taking the belt clip off, at least offer us the tool to remove it, there fore i would recommend this handy smooth knife to all you pocket knife users. Stay with the bakers knife also, they are both great !

This knife is beautiful. The wood, brass, blade shape, and sheath are all so expertly done. The only complaint I have is that tang... man you can feel it bounce inside the handle. Everything else is in point.

An awesome knife with an awesome history.

Very nice and strong blade handle very nice great over all Knife...