Badass Knives of the Week

Badass Knives of the Week
Al Mar Sere 2000 Tactical Folder (Black)
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Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife
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Look up badass in the Oxford dictionary and you’ll see the words tough, uncompromising, and intimidating. But look up badass in our dictionary and you’ll see these knives.

There are thousands of knife designs from hundreds of manufacturers, but not all of them can accurately and definitively be called badass. So we began setting out each week to highlight a knife that deserves the title we call the Badass Knife of the Week.

The knives found on this page have all been previous winners of the prestigious award, showcasing characteristics, designs, and craftsmanship that ooze with badassery. You can also read the detailed entries over at the Badass Knife of the Week blog page.

Great knife. It opens easy and closes easy. It's light weight and offers a good grip. I really like the G-10 handle. Its got a good sharp Kershaw drop point blade. What else do you need in a pocket knife?

Brass knuckles AND fast open assist in one piece? Totally badass, if maybe not very useful. And most-likely illegal - though I haven't bothered to look it up. It's not a practical use item, as there are better knives and better brass knuckles, though it is solid and quality made. The knuckles are split to allow the blade travel and the blade lock is clumsy to access and operate inside the index finger hole, but the blade opens fast and smooth and locks nice and tight. I don't see taking it out of the house. More like a very cool toy for the collection or a gift idea. This knife/knuckle combo looks great, works well enough and is priced low for the fun. I'm glad I bought it and may buy some more as gifts.

This is a simple, neet little knife. Opens easily, once you've mastered the technique, with great lock-up. Excellent edge on this thing, and easy close-up, perfect centering. Love the carbon fiber handles, real classy look, and overall light. The blue titanium spacers are uniform in color, minimalist in placement, but just adds that extra flare. A tad expensive for it's size and the amount of steel you get, but if you are into collecting these pieces, it would be a nice addition to your collection.

The defining feature of this wonderful knufe is that it is THIN. It is 1/3 the overall thickness of all the other swiss army knives, therefore it fits in my pocket without a big bulge. I have been buying snd using this model for 15 years. I go so far as sew a small pocket within my left front pants pocket to hold this knife in a very comfortable and hidden position.

Very firm, strong, and great bottle opener! I like how it has that sprayed-on truck bed liner look. Wish I had a clip-on leather sheath for it.

Good knife as advertised. Not a Benchmade or Boker, but not the price either. A good knife for the price.

Great knife, very durable. For the money you cant beat it. Well balanced and was very sharp at time of purchase and has held its edge very well. I highly recomend this knife.