Badass Knives of the Week

Badass Knives of the Week
Al Mar Sere 2000 Tactical Folder (Black)
$269.99 $360.00
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Look up badass in the Oxford dictionary and you’ll see the words tough, uncompromising, and intimidating. But look up badass in our dictionary and you’ll see these knives.

There are thousands of knife designs from hundreds of manufacturers, but not all of them can accurately and definitively be called badass. So we began setting out each week to highlight a knife that deserves the title we call the Badass Knife of the Week.

The knives found on this page have all been previous winners of the prestigious award, showcasing characteristics, designs, and craftsmanship that ooze with badassery. You can also read the detailed entries over at the Badass Knife of the Week blog page.

In my honest opinion, this knife just rates an ok or average rating. The photo on the website looked better than the actual delivered product. I would not be interested in this knife if I had it all to do over again.

Excellent craftsmanship and usefullness

Thumb notch is a bit narrow. Using it deploys the blade about 90 degrees where there is slight binding so it's necessary to use the other hand to fully deploy and lock. That being said, I don't always use the thumb hole in that manner, when opening, anyway. I very much like the size and the light weight. Blade is sharp and holds a keen edge. It's a nice EDC and when taken out of my inside waistband, it doesn't look 'threatening'; more utilitarian in appearance, which is why I bought and carry it. Overall, a good knife for the price.

My all time favorite knife. Takes and holds a razor edge, fits perfectly in my hand, perfect size for processing deer, most beautiful knife ever made, I love it!

Maybe my favorite Buck, and I love Buck knives. This is my everyday carry knife, simply because it is smaller, and handier than my 110. I own 2 of them, the older one, had the tip break off while digging a bullet out of a tree, I reformed the tip, rounding it off to a Skinne/deboner since the early 90's,great, handy little knife.

Sharp, easy to sharpen steel, holds an edge well, comfortable grip, strong, not too heavy and a world-class sheath.

Decent little knife. Looks good. Good fit and finish, blade reasonably sharp, but had to touch up, since bevels were uneven. Main disappointment was the teflon bushings used, which makes this a little looser, and will wear more quickly.

Solid knife, good all around. Don't use as "pry-tool"