Buck Knives Badass Knives of the Week

Buck Knives Badass Knives of the Week

Beautiful little gift for my husband for the times his clip on is not appropriate.

Solid product, but design limits you to a handle throw only. Otherwise I would rate the quality as a 5.

These are excellent knives definitely helping me improve my skills as an amateur thrower

Perfect workmanship, very light in weight.

Very well made knife.... perfect for Backpacking.. The knife locks in place when put in the sheath so it don't slide off.

In my honest opinion, this knife just rates an ok or average rating. The photo on the website looked better than the actual delivered product. I would not be interested in this knife if I had it all to do over again.

Excellent craftsmanship and usefullness

Thumb notch is a bit narrow. Using it deploys the blade about 90 degrees where there is slight binding so it's necessary to use the other hand to fully deploy and lock. That being said, I don't always use the thumb hole in that manner, when opening, anyway. I very much like the size and the light weight. Blade is sharp and holds a keen edge. It's a nice EDC and when taken out of my inside waistband, it doesn't look 'threatening'; more utilitarian in appearance, which is why I bought and carry it. Overall, a good knife for the price.