Bamboo Cutting Board Selection

Bamboo Cutting Board Selection

A bamboo cutting board is the proâ??s choice because its solid wooden surface won't dull knives. It's a home cook's preference for these same reasons and others. For instance, bamboo is 100% renewable, so it's ecologically friendly. Plus, it wipes clean with a quick wash, so it's always ready for use. If you've shopped for a bamboo cutting board before, you know they can be quite pricey. In addition, you've probably found identical styles at virtually every store. Knife Depot offers a beautiful collection of boards at significant savings. Step out of the ordinary and get a handsome bamboo cutting board at an extraordinary price.

By Donna G.
Tru Bamboo Bermuda Series Small Cutting Board

this is a nice and solid little board! It looks great and has a very nice, hard cutting surface! I bought one at Whole Foods some years back, and wanted to get another one for a friend's picnic basket for a holiday, and one for me at work. I encourage myself to eat more fresh produce.

By Barrie A.
Gunter Wilhelm 14 x 20 IBIZA Bamboo Cutting Board

This is a great cutting board! It's just the right size to fit beside the sink or stove, and it's lightweight and yet durable and easy to keep clean.

By Joseph D.
Tru Bamboo Bermuda Series Extra-Large Cutting Board

The size and makeup of this board are wonderful. It recommends on the label to oil it frequently in the first months of use, and I have been doing so. Initially I thought that would be a pain, but it's a very pleasant moment. I pour good quality oil on it, and it's very pleasant to rub out with a towel, all around the board. I love cutting on this board! It's a feeling of great support, and makes cutting truly more pleasurable (especially with a good knife set, which I am also thrilled about). The combination makes me feel rich, and I am honestly chopping more vegetables, which is better for our family, anyways. It's such a small investment when you consider how much you COULD be cooking. I honestly think that the world should cease producing all other types of cutting boards, and focus on these. That's how great this is. I love to cook, and am more sensitive than most, but I will say, everyone else who has tried this board, continually notices this. Someone figured out how to make this experience amazing!" Being motivated by your cooking equipment is an experience that is relatively inexpensive, in the long haul, and being motivated to eat better is seriously what will happen, if you upgrade to this. This is a great price for what you are getting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I am sincerely satisfied. Don't let the size scare you, it's great to have this much room to work, and slide things around.

By Joseph D.
Tru Bamboo Bermuda Series Small Cutting Board

This is definitely the best little cutting board I have found. I bought it for my children to use in the kitchen while learning to cut. I have found I also am using it frequently to cut something small, or when the counters in my rather small kitchen are fairly full. It fits lots of places easily. I love the feeling of this wood.

By Perry B.
Tru Bamboo Cutting Board Oil - 8 Ounce

This is an excellent product! The bamboo tray, I used it on looks great.

By Kim C.
Tru Bamboo Bahama Series Extra Large Round Chop Block with Hardware

This is a beautiful cutting board. It is perfect! I am a chef, so I am pretty picky about kitchen wares but this is a great board and you can't beat the price.

By Russell S.
Tru Bamboo Bermuda Series Extra-Large Cutting Board

This was a present for my granddaughter who seems quite pleased. Not sure why a 15 yr old would want a cutting board but it made her happy.

By Marcia P.
Tru Bamboo Palm Beach Series Extra Large Cutting Board

My husband was very happy with this birthday gift. It looks of good quality and arrived in good shape! He has not used it yet so I can't speak to its functionality.

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