Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knives

When you see that iconic butterfly logo from Benchmade Knife Company stamped on a blade, you know exactly what to expect: quality, innovation and integrity. Since the company set up shop in Oregon in 1990, Benchmade has set itself apart from the pack by using non-traditional materials and modern manufacturing methods to build some of the best knives on the market.

Although the knives consistently take home the most prestigious awards in the knife industry, the true testament to Benchmade's quality is that the company has built a reputation among knife enthusiasts as strong as the knives themselves. Still, the most admirable trait of Benchmade is that it constantly strives to be better, never leaning on its many past achievements.

And when it comes to buying a Benchmade, you can't do better than Knife Depot. We stand behind the craftsmanship of the knives with our own 60-day, money-back guarantee on every single knife from this world-class company.

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Benchmade 950BK Osborne Rift, BK1 Coated Handle
$182.75 $210.00
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Benchmade 470-1 Emissary Folder, Plain
$182.75 $210.00
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Benchmade 581 Osborne Barrage
$199.75 $230.00
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Recent Reviews - Benchmade Knives

This is a great little knife. I purchased for my teenage son who doesn't yet have very big hands, and the size was perfect. Even if we wants something a little bigger as he gets older, this will still be a great compact knife that can last a lifetime. This Benchmade is relatively lightweight but extremely sturdy. The blade quality seems excellent and arrived with a great/sharp edge. The grip is well designed and the switchable clip should last for the long-haul. I will probably get one for myself, but since I have big hands I'll probably get the full Griptilian. Recommended.

this was just the knife I was looking for, for a pocket knife good clean edge, right weight, and perfect length

Everything is great except one thing and if I had known, I wouldnt have been super excited after my first 581 to run out and get another. It took me about 9 months of edc to see that the scale screws don't hold the way a 200 dollar knife should. If you buy this knife you'll love it just tell them to send a whole extra set of scale screws clip screws...I will put the same review on knife center & amazon so ppl get the heads up, might as well just buy a regular barrage I suppose...

This is a simple, neet little knife. Opens easily, once you've mastered the technique, with great lock-up. Excellent edge on this thing, and easy close-up, perfect centering. Love the carbon fiber handles, real classy look, and overall light. The blue titanium spacers are uniform in color, minimalist in placement, but just adds that extra flare. A tad expensive for it's size and the amount of steel you get, but if you are into collecting these pieces, it would be a nice addition to your collection.

I purchased two of these sheaths for my Benchmade folding knives. The stitching and Cordura nylon material are well made. The Velcor flap closure seems secure enough that my knives will not fall out. I was looking for a nylon sheath with a snap closure for security but decided to try this sheath relying on Benchmade quality.

This is a great tool for keeping your Benchmade knife sharp in the field. It specifically maintains the 30 degree edge used on these blades. While other draw through sharpeners may work their edge angle is unknown. The relative small size of the Benchmade sharpener is not a factor as little pressure is required for use and it is easier to carry in the field.

Wanted an all purpose drop point pocket knife that keeps its edge for everyday use that doesn't bulge the pocket. Very happy with the 530. Slim so it does not jut out from the pant pocket and is very light. Opens easily and locks securely. Also closes easily with one-handed operation on the lock release. Extremely sharp out of the box. Have lightly sharpened it a few times since but that seems to be enough to keep a nice edge. It's not long enough for really heavy duty cutting like butchering but as an every-day inconspicuous carry I really like it.

excellent quality, weight and feel in the hand. Well worth the price.

About Benchmade

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. set-up shop in Clackamas, Oregon in 1990 (originally founded in California in 1988). The initial knives primarily consisted of the Bali-Song knives, using a combination of outside vendors and inside processing to build finished products. And like most companies, starting out meant scarce money and big plans, using second hand equipment and limited resources.

Soon, a natural born fortitude and an undying passion to make it right and make it Benchmade, prospered into significant growth. As the product line grew so did the in-house capabilities. We began to acquire new machines and technologies including the first of several lasers, making Benchmade the first knife manufacturer to have such equipment in-house. Open minds and positive attitudes would lead to several more industry firsts over the course of the next several years.

This was only the beginning of Benchmade's breaking of new ground in the manufactured knife markets by using non-traditional materials and modern manufacturing methods in not only building knives better but, inevitably building better knives. The Designer Series was first introduced in 1991 with several custom designs being manufactured. By tapping into the custom knife makers' knowledge and combining it with our manufacturing expertise we were more readily able to offer more contemporary knife designs and innovations to the knife users.

Consecutive years of aggressive growth led to the next logical step in 1996 when Benchmade moved into its own 35,000 sq. ft. facility. A contemporary styled building complete with all of the modern equipment and amenities necessary to manufacture what has become recognized as a higher standard of specialty cutlery.

Today, Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. manufactures knives for a loyal and ever growing following of knife users. As we move into the 21st century we are poised for even more exciting opportunities, innovations and ongoing total world-class quality. Here at Benchmade we employ a simple philosophy- "Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade."