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Founded by a former Navy SEAL, BlackHawk Blades is a company that knows how essential good-quality equipment is to success in life-or-death situations out in the field. Their tactical products, which range from neck knives to rescue tools, are extensively quality-tested to minimize the threat of life-endangering malfunctions and designed to keep their sharp edges even after heavy use.

Just like they'll back you up in an emergency, we'll back every BlackHawk knife with our assurances in the form of our famous 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Great knife, solid grip and I like that its capable of being adjusted in all four direction on the clip.

By Mark W.
BlackHawk Blades XSF Micro Neck Knife with Black G-10 Handle, Plain

Now this is a piece of steel that indeed is the best I have encountered yet absolutely indestructible sharp as a razor light very good sheath to hold it in. Very good buy for your dollar. Best one yet.

By Joshua R.
BlackHawk Blades XSF Punch Dagger with G-10 Handle

A fairly good dagger, good for concealment. I would prefer one a bit larger for actually tactical though.

By Mike V.
BlackHawk Blades XSF Micro Neck Knife with Black G-10 Handle, Plain

The triple edge is the best wedge on the XSF Micro is one of the most unique dagger innovations I've ever seen. The tip is strong and as sharp as an exacto knife. With only moderate force I was able to drive the tip of this little knife almost half way through a phone book! The edges performed a little below my expectations. I usual carry Cold Steel products, so I am accustomed to an edge being scary sharp. The XSF-1 Micro is small but fits very well in my hand and makes for a formidable self defense dagger, but not the best for utility purposes. The sheath comes with a ball chain for necklace carry. For legal reasons I wear mine clipped to my left belt loop with just enough of it showing to be legal but not attention grabbing.