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KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement – Badass Knife of the Week


When you’re in trouble and need something to defend yourself in a pinch, reach for the KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement.

This badass knife is one of the collaborations between John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) and KA-BAR. Benner is the chief instructor at TDI and a 37-year veteran police Lieutenant, so he knows a thing or two about self-defense.

The TDI Law Enforcement, with its uniquely curved blade, is designed to be used when all else has failed. As a self-defense tool, the original idea behind the TDI Law Enforcement was to offer police officers protection from someone reaching for his or her firearm. However, it’s also found life among civilians as a versatile fixed blade.

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Top 5 Best-Selling Spyderco Knives at Knife Depot

Spyderco is an institution in the knife industry. Even though they started off making knives without any care for aesthetic qualities, Spyderco knives are some of the most mimicked around.

People often ask me about the best or most popular model from Spyderco. Each Spyderco has its own attributes and qualities that may appeal to one person and not to another. I usually point them to our thorough article, which also has a list of the most iconic Spyderco knives. However, that doesn’t tell the full story.

Since people oftentimes speak truth through their wallet, I went into the sales of Knife Depot to look at the best-selling Spyderco models. Although this doesn’t mean they’re the best or most popular elsewhere, it’s a good indication as to what Spyderco knives people are looking to buy.

5. Spyderco Endura 4


It’s no surprise the Endura 4 is in the top five. Not only did it make our list of most iconic knives ever but it’s also touted as an important and game-changing knife that defines the brand. The Endura, now in its fourth iteration, was released in 1990 and looked unlike many other knives back then. Along with the Delica (which only missed this list of best-sellers by a hair), the Endura remains one of Spyderco’s masterpieces.

4. Spyderco Tenacious


Try to find a bad review of the Spyderco Tenacious. We’ll save you hours of searching and just tell you that there’s not much negative stuff out there. Spyderco can be polarizing, but they seemed to have found a sweet spot with the Tenacious. This knife is a budget EDC with a leaf-shaped blade, G-10 handles, and a liner lock.

3. Spyderco Military


The Military was the other Spyderco that made it on our list of most iconic knives ever. This knife is the cornerstone of the Save and Serve lineup and remains one of the most copied knives around. Like some of the other models on this list, the Military comes in a few styles, including models with a black blade and camo handle scales.

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Kershaw Skyline – Badass Knife of the Week


If you take a quick glance at the Kershaw Skyline, you might think it’s just another folding knife. But this unassuming and understated knife is one of the most highly rated and beloved budget folders on the market.

Once you get this badass knife in your hands, it’s not hard to see why people love this knife. The Skyline is a lightweight, slim, and elegant folder that embodies everything you want in an everyday carry.

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History of Roman Daggers & Swords


In honor of our current giveaway of the Roman-inspired Thraex XII Tactical from US Gladius, we’re taking a more in-depth look at the swords and daggers from Ancient Rome.

When it comes to swords from history, it’s hard to think of better-known weapons than those from the Roman times. Due to the countless parallels with modern day society and the drama that took place during the time, our fascination with Ancient Rome is almost as old as Rome itself.

Before we venture into the swords and daggers, we’ll start with what Ancient Rome was like.

Life in Ancient Rome

Even though the peak of Ancient Rome was way back between 753 BC and 476 AD, Roman society was extremely advanced. Most of the wealthy Romans lived extravagant lifestyles with luxurious furnishings. The poor were on the other side of the spectrum. They didn’t have such lavish lives, but they did kill some time watching things like chariot races and gladiator fights.

After a hard day’s work, Romans from all backgrounds would head over to the public baths—where they would relax, gossip, mingle, and recuperate.

Rome wasn’t all fun and games, though. The Roman Empire—and the Republic to a lesser extent—were bent on expanding its territories through conflicts and conquests. Along with the gladiator events, weapons came in handy during battles.

Types of Roman Swords and Daggers

Maybe it’s just because of the countless movies set in Ancient Rome (such as Spartacus and Gladiator), but Roman weapons are very distinct. Let’s take a look at a few.


The gladius was the primary weapon for the foot soldiers of Ancient Rome. The name was derived from the words gladiator, which means swordsman, and gladiolus, which means little sword. In general terms, the gladius sword features a double-edged blade that’s meant for thrusting with a few slices. Its other discerning feature is a knobbed hilt, which was typically ornate.

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Condor Tool & Knife Primitive Bush Knife – Badass Knife of the Week


Legend has it that survivalist Matt Graham went for a walk one day and ended up spending six months on his own in the wilderness. Now a cohost of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survivor reality show, Graham has teamed up with Condor Tool & Knife to create the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The Condor Primitive Bush Knife features an 8-inch leaf-shaped blade made from 420 high carbon stainless steel, which is optimal for the outdoors due to its resistance to corrosion and ability to resharpen easily.

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Win the US Gladius Thraex XII


For more than 400 years, the Roman Gladius was the weapon of choice during epic battles like the Macedonian Wars and gladiator events. Even though the short sword known as the Roman Gladius fell out of favor about 19 centuries ago, the fact that it was used by thousands of men prove that the design had some merit.

That’s where the Thraex XII Tactical Knife comes into the picture.

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CRKT Sting – Badass Knife of the Week


Feel the sting of our latest Badass Knife of the Week. The CRKT Sting offers a sudden, biting, and piercing self-defense tool that quietly waits in the wings until it’s time for action.

The Sting is meticulously crafted from a single piece of forged 1050 carbon steel, which is treated for maximum durability and strength. The double-edged blade is 3.197 inches long and coated with a non-reflective powder finish to increase corrosion resistance and decrease visibility.

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KeySmart 2.0 Key Holder Review


Those were my keys.

Take a good look at them. I know they’re a mess.

As someone who prides himself on being organized, efficient, and constantly prepared, I felt thoroughly embarrassed whenever I reached for the jingly jumble of chaos.

I knew I needed to switch things up, to rethink the way I organized my keys. So I looked to KeySmart. I’d seen KeySmart countless times while browsing through knife sites and Instagram accounts centered around EDC items.

For those unfamiliar with KeySmart, it’s a minimalist keyring that started out as a project on Kickstarter. Needless to say, the project was successfully funded and shattered its goals with 15,000 backers pledging a fair amount of money. They’ve since become a full-on business with an updated design and everything.

I admit, I was skeptical at first. This thing seemed unnecessary and gratuitous. Humans have carried keys around the same way for hundreds of years. Why do we need to change it? That’s when I realized I was being daft. Bucking the norm and finding better ways to do old things is how we came up with a bunch of cool inventions.

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Buck 245 Matt Would Go – Badass Knife of the Week


Sometimes, our Badass Knife of the Week gets the honor for more reasons than just being a well-constructed knife. Sometimes the background of the knife makes it even more badass. Here’s what we wrote about our latest Badass Knife of the Week—the Buck 245 Matt Would Go—when it was first announced in January:

By all accounts, Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Matthew J. Leathers was an amazing human being. Not only was he a highly decorated SEAL but he was also someone his friends and family describe as a nice guy who would give others the shirt off his back.

When Leathers was lost at sea during a training exercise off the coast of Hawaii in 2013, the military suffered a huge loss.

But thanks to Buck Knives and Leathers’ father, his legacy will live on in the badass 245 Matt Would Go—a knife designed by Leathers himself.

Featuring a 4-inch drop point blade made from tough-as-nails 5160 steel, the 245 MWG is built to withstand nearly anything you can throw at it.

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CRKT To Release Three New Climber’s Knives

When you’re on the side of a cliff a couple thousand feet above the ground, nothing is more important than a strong knife… well, maybe a secure foothold is a little more important but a solid knife is still vital.

2406-niad-on-carabiner-WEB_large8_761That’s why CRKT is releasing an array of new knives optimized for hard-core climbers: the Bivy, Niad, and Hyphenate.

Because CRKT wanted to do things the right way, the company enlisted the help of someone who knows a thing or two about climbing—Hans Florine.

Pretty much all of Florine’s accomplishments leave me with sweaty palms, but his ultimate claim to fame is breaking the record for speed climbing the Nose route on El Capitan in Yosemite. Florine ascended 2,900 vertical feet in 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 46 seconds.

This new line was created in response to Florine’s desire for reliable and effortless tools. Here’s what he said in one of CRKT’s press releases:

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