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Best US-Made Knives Under $35

It should be everyone’s goal to buy American-made products to support manufacturing and jobs in the country. However, prices and quality of knives compared to foreign competition can be tough to ignore.

But, if you think you can’t get a solid American-made knife for less than $35, you’re sorely mistaken.

Here is a selection of 10 knives you can pick up for less than $35.

Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton

After some missteps over the years, Gerber has really righted the ship by focusing on more US-made knives and ensuring classics are well cared for. One thing Gerber does very well is provide US-made knives at reasonable prices. Just take the Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton, for example.

The E-Z Out line has been a staple of Gerber for decades. This is a highly versatile knife with a long 3.52-inch blade and a polycarbonate handle. Along with a lockback mechanism, this knife is an easy and reliable EDC folder.

Case Sod Buster

This is the first of many Case knives to grace this list. The Sod Buster is a legendary slip joint pattern that has captured the hearts and minds of knife enthusiasts everywhere. The knife has a single blade that measures about 3.5 inches. The handle is black impact resistant synthetic material.

KA-BAR BK13 Becker Remora

Not all cheap US-made knives have to be folders. KA-BAR and Becker make an excellent lightweight fixed blade that can work as an everyday carry. The total length is only about 5.12 inches with a blade of about 2.3 inches — all made with black-coated 1095 Cro-Van steel. Thanks to a skeletonized handle, the knife almost disappears at less than 2 ounces.

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Knife Rights Launches 2018 ‘Ultimate Steel’ Fundraising Giveaway

It’s back!

The Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Spectacular has returned in glorious fashion.

Each year, the knife rights organization launches an amazing fundraising campaign to raise money for the cause. For 2018, they have gathered more than $175,000 in prizes (so far) to give away to those who donate. Because all the knives and guns are donated to Knife Rights, 100 percent of the proceeds to go to help funding the organization.

Here is a quick breakdown of the entry process.

  • $20 gets 1 entry
  • $40 gets 2 entries
  • $60 gets 4 entries
  • $80 gets 6 entries

Along with a Knife Rights membership at $60 or above, higher donations also get cool gear branded with Knife Rights while supplies last.

  • $100 gets 9 entries + Kizer Kesmec
  • $200 gets 22 entries + SOG Ultra C-Ti
  • $300 gets 37 entries + Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight
  • $400 gets 60 entries + Colonial Nemesis
  • $500 gets 90 entries + Cold Steel Swift II
  • $1,000 gets 150 entries + Hogue Damascus/CF A01 Microswitch

Those who donate before May 16 are also eligible for an early bird bonus drawing with more than $35,000 in prizes. To be eligible for the main drawing, you have to donate by August 1. Drawings will be done within two weeks of the closing dates.

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Benchmade Nimravus – Badass Knife of the Week

Benchmade isn’t best-known for making fixed-blade knives, but when it does make them, Benchmade does it right.

The Benchmade Nimravus takes its name from a relative of the saber-toothed cat, which boasted enlarged forward canines that made it a particularly ferocious predator. The naming of the knife was no coincidence.

The 140BK iteration of the Nimravus features a long 4.5-inch fixed blade made from 154CM high carbon stainless steel. The alloy holds an edge well and exhibits solid toughness. What improves the performance of the steel is black coating to increase wear resistance and hardness.

Benchmade in the wild. #benchmadeknives#benchmadenimravus

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With a drop point design and a swedge, the plain-edged blade is versatile in all types of applications — whether outdoor or tactical.

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UK Faces Serious Questions About Knives and Its Future

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen this:

This has caused an uproar from those who are alarmed about the future of knives and life in general in the United Kingdom.

I too am alarmed about the moves London and the UK are making related to knife regulations. But the truth is that these latest knife regulations have been a long time coming and are way more complicated than it seems.

Strict UK Knife Laws Get Stricter

The United Kingdom already has some of the strictest knife laws in the world. No one is allowed to carry a knife without good reason unless it has a blade three inches or less and doesn’t lock. (Though try persuading a bobby that you’re carrying a three-inch nonlocking folder with good reason and see where that gets you.)

Police have also been targeting knives over the past few years as the country has seen a drastic uptick in knife crimes.

A few years ago we wrote about and mocked how the UK was thinking about banning zombie knives. Sure, zombie knives are a bizarre conceit that companies seized upon during the zombie craze, but it seemed crazy to think that would stop things.

The latest measures announced by the mayor of London tackle the rise of knife crime in different ways. Knives and acid will no longer be delivered to homes. Met police are also now emboldened to conduct stop-and-frisk searches. (We already know the effect that had in New York City.)

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Joel McHale Gives Celebrities Knives Instead of Tote Bags

I’ve never been on a talk show for obvious reasons, but I know most will give some sort of free swag as a thank you.

It’s typical to give a tote bag with the name of the show on it containing some cheeses or a coffee mug. But that’s not what actor and comedian Joel McHale does.

He gives people massive Cold Steel folding knives.

Watch this clip featuring Allison Janney, an actress who has had a long illustrious film and television career, on “The Late Late Show with James Corbin.”

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed he didn’t explain the merits of carrying and using knives or at least pointing to my article 101 uses for a pocket knife to better educate the silent audience. Of course, McHale went for the jokes instead. That’s why he’s a handsome comedian and I’m just some dude writing about knives.

This isn’t the first time McHale, who is a well-known fan of Cold Steel and knives in general, gave someone a knife as a gift. Apparently he gave writer-director Scott Derrickson a $2,000 Cold Steel knife for Christmas a few years back.

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Gerber Prodigy – Badass Knife of the Week

A prodigy is a child or young person who is exceptionally good at something, a savant if you will. With that definition in mind, Prodigy perfectly fits as the name of our latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The Gerber Prodigy is based on the award-winning (and previous Badass Knife of the Week) LMF II but somehow manages to pack the same punch in a smaller package. The Prodigy features a very similar design and purpose as the LMF II, only thinned out to create a more versatile tool.

At a length of 4.75 inches, the blade of the Prodigy is only a few tenths of an inch shorter than the beefier LMF II. Where it cuts down on weight and size is the depth of the 420HC stainless steel blade. It is still durable enough to handle any task you throw at it but won’t keep you bogged down.

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15 Discontinued Knife Models That Should Make a Comeback

Discontinued Benchmade 707 Sequel

Nothing lasts forever.

Every single year, dozens of knife models get discontinued for one reason or another. But just because a knife is discontinued due to low sales or a lack of space in the lineup doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.

In fact, many discontinued knives were well made and beloved by many. Some gems have gone the way of the dodo and we wanted to take a look back at a few of our favorite or most-missed production knives.

I understand most of these are available on the second market for sometimes exorbitant prices, but I’d love to see these knives back in production for more reasonable prices.

Benchmade AFCK

If I had to guess, I’d venture the Benchmade AFCK is the knife people want to bring back the most.

The AFCK (Advanced Folding Combat Knife) was designed by former Navy SEAL Chris Caracci for Benchmade. It featured a visually appealing blade that was optimized for self-defense but worked well for everyday carry. The blade had a Spyderco Round Hole and it used a liner lock. Caracci didn’t care much for the AXIS.

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Man Who Returned Stolen Medford Knife Gets Cool Surprise

Back with the Fam. @medfordknife Praetorian Ti and Micro Praetorian.

A post shared by Hkwinger (@hkwinger) on

Knife sales from customer to customer happen all the time.

Someone puts up a knife for sale in a Facebook group or on a forum and another buys the knife used for a reasonable cost. The seller gets money and more room for other knives while the buyer gets a cool new knife.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go that way.

Aaron, who goes by the name of hkwinger on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets, sold one of his Medford Titanium Praetorian knives to another person via Facebook. The knife was delivered to the person but the person said it was not on his doorstep when he got home and that it was stolen off his porch.

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Cold Steel Tuff Lite – Badass Knife of the Week

Cold Steel is known for its humungous folding knives with blades stretching up to 6 inches long. But what if I told you one of Cold Steel’s best knives was a small folder with a cute little Wharncliffe blade.

That would be the Cold Steel Tuff Lite — the latest Badass Knife of the Week.

Cold Steel creates knives that are meant to be worked hard without fear of failure. Despite the Tuff Lite’s small size and stature, Cold Steel delivers.

The blade features a 2.5-inch blade made from Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel, an alloy known for its ease to sharpen and toughness. Using a classic Wharncliffe design, the blade has a straight edge and a point that can pierce. This underrated blade shape is deceptively versatile for everyday carry.

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Is Amazon Restricting the Sale of Legal Knives to Some States?

There are hundreds of reasons not to buy knives from Amazon.

Not only is there a possibility you’d get a fake knife but it is also crippling small businesses like ours. (Oh, and Amazon also treat employees like crap.)

And now Amazon has started preventing law-abiding citizens from buying and shipping knives to certain states.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how long this has been going on or how widespread it is, but a customer brought it to our attention. Here’s the lowdown.

A customer tried to purchase a Kershaw Link from Amazon and have it shipped somewhere in Long Island, New York. However, upon checkout, they got a notice saying the item “can’t be shipped to your selected address.” So, he wisely bought the folder from Knife Depot instead.


New York & Massachusetts Restricted

After I did a little digging, I found one of the earliest incidence of a restricted knife purchase was in 2012 on a forum post at NY Firearms. That was chocked up to a possible error.

The issue didn’t seem to start gaining more attention until late 2017 when someone posted on Blade Forums about a knife purchase not going through. However, this one was from Massachusetts.

I did my own little experiment trying to buy and ship a Kershaw Cryo G-10 to an address in New York City.

This is what I got:

I thought it could just be because the address was in New York City so I picked an address in Central New York (Syracuse, to be exact). The same result.

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