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Epic Spiked Bowie Knife – Badass Knife of the Week


When we rack our brains trying to decide which of the thousands of knife models out there deserves to be the latest Badass Knife of the Week, we take a ton of things into consideration. We usually try to make the knife something you could reasonably use and carry in most situations.

But sometimes a knife is simply so epic and badass that it takes the honor on looks and design alone.

The Epic Spiked Bowie Knife is a beastly blade to behold.

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Knives Save Lives: Emergency Roadside Birth


Sure, people have been giving birth since the dawn of man, but bringing a tiny person into this world without a gaggle of doctors and nurses nearby has to be terrifying.

At a remote highway rest stop in northeastern British Columbia, that’s the situation Caitlin Vince found herself in last month. En route to the hospital with her partner Tyler Olsen, the woman knew they weren’t going to make it to the hospital in time to give birth.

As you can imagine, British Columbia is desolate in spots with hospitals more than 55 miles away (or 90 kilometers for those Canadians). In places like this, it’s probably not that unusual to give birth on a gravel roadside.

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Cold Steel Rajah III – Badass Knife of the Week


With its curved blade, deep belly, and thick point, the kukri machete is one of the most versatile tools around. So what’s the only way to make the kukri even more useful? Make it small enough to fit in your pocket.

Our latest Badass Knife of the Week from Cold Steel takes the unique characteristics of the Nepalese kukri and scales them down into a convenient folding knife.

The Cold Steel Rajah III features a 3.5-inch blade in the shape of a Nepalese kukri. The curve in the blade gives it exceptional chopping power and the point makes it optimal for finer tasks.

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Top 5 Best-Selling Kukri Machetes at Knife Depot


Machetes are among the most versatile and widely used tools in the world. In some regions, the machete is used as a household tool—chopping vegetables, cutting hair, doing yard work, etc.

As you can imagine, the widespread use of the machete has resulted in tons of variations. If you take a look at our Ultimate Machete Guide, you’ll notice at least 11 common types of machetes.

One of the most popular types of machetes is the kukri machete. Hailing from Nepal and neighboring countries, the kukri features a unique design with a high curved blade that’s mainly designed for chopping. However, it has a pretty sharp and strong point that also makes it useful for piercing. This is a tool that was historically used by the Nepalese military, but it’s now most commonly used as an everyday utility tool.

Because of its versatility and interesting look, the kukri machete has quickly become one of the go-to machetes in the United States. If you’re thinking about picking up one of these bad boys, here’s a list of the five best-selling kukri machetes at Knife Depot to help get your juices flowing.

5. Condor Tool & Knife Kukri Machete


In our machete guide, I pointed out that Condor Tool & Knife is not only a company with roots that date back to 1787 but it also specializes in outdoor tools like machetes. Condor TK really displays its talents with its iteration of the kukri. The Condor Tool & Knife Kukri Machete features a 13-inch 1075 carbon steel blade with a full tang that extends into the hardwood handle.

The butt of the handle is reminiscent of a parang, which helps keep your kukri from flying out of your hand during rigorous use. It comes with a black leather sheath.

4. Cold Steel Kukri Machete


Here’s what Cold Steel has to say about the kukri: “There’s no single edged tool that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri.” Their version of the kukri is also 13 inches but uses 1055 carbon steel a polypropylene for its handle.

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S&W SWFR2S Extreme Ops – Badass Knife of the Week


Ever since we founded this great company of ours more than a decade ago, one knife has found its way into people’s pockets more than any other: the Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Tanto.

So what does that tell us about this folder from Smith & Wesson? That it’s one badass knife.

When a knife feels good in your hands, you never want to let go, and that’s the sensation you get whenever you hold this knife.

The rubberized aluminum handle is easy on the hands and extremely comfortable, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Watch Cold Steel Go Head-to-Head with Competitors


Cold Steel has taken some hits over the years from hard-core knife enthusiasts.

First, some people were turned off by president Lynn Thompson’s proclamations of the best knives around. Then, others complained about issues with quality control. Many are not on board with the fact that the knives come from places like Taiwan and China. Finally, Cold Steel’s recent lawsuit against CRKT for making unfounded marketing claims riled up people even more.

Say what you will about Cold Steel, but the company does put out some durable knives. Cold Steel just has to put their heads down and let their knives speak for themselves (something I said in the article about the lawsuit).

Well, it looks like Cold Steel is taking my advice and letting their knives speak for themselves instead of going after other company’s marketing tactics.

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Schrade SCHF51M and SCHF52M Now Available

The new for 2016 items from Schrade are still trickling in. The SCHF51M and SCHF52M models are now available at Knife Depot.

A few weeks ago we announced the availability of the SCHF51 and SCHF52 (which were updates on the well-received SCHF36 and SCHF37). So what’s the difference? For starters, the SCHF51M and SCHF52M both feature awesome Micarta handle scales as opposed to the TPE handles of the base models.

Schrade SCHF51M


Micarta is praised for being extremely tough and strong, which makes it a no-brainer for any survival or outdoor blade, such as these two Frontier models from Schrade.

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ESEE-4 – Badass Knife of the Week

If you want a survival knife that will make it to hell and back, look no further than our latest Badass Knife of the Week.

The ESEE-4 from ESEE Knives is one of the best all-around blades for outdoor tasks, earning high marks from bushcrafters and campers alike.

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Schrade SCHF42D Now Available

Schrade SCHF42D

Our slate of brand new Schrade Knives continues with the highly anticipated Schrade SCHF42D.

Based off the design from Brian Griffin, the SCHF42D is an update on the SCHF42. Make no mistake about it though, the SCHF42 (yes, the naming system can get confusing) is a hugely popular knife among those in the bushcrafting world. It was nearly universally acclaimed.

As with anything out there, there were a few suggestions for the knife that would make it near perfect.

The first was with the blade edge. The SCHF42 has a recurved blade, which can be a pain to sharpen, especially if you’re out in the field. Schrade listened to a lot of the feedback and made the SCHF42D a knife with a non-recurve blade. That means the 5.12-inch 1095 steel blade of the SCHF42D is nice and straight. For this reason alone, I can see countless people making the jump to this budget bushcrafting knife.

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7 Knives With Carabiner Clips

The carabiner is a simple yet important tool that was first used back in 1911. The metal loop with a spring-loaded gate is widely used in rope-intensive activities like mountain climbing and window cleaning, but the tool has also been adapted over the years to accomplish smaller, less extreme tasks.

Aside from mountaineering and similar activities, the carabiner has become most commonly known for clipping keys to one’s belt loop.

Since these are becoming more and more common, the carabiner has begun to make it on knives (and vice versa). If you’re interested in attaching your knife to your bag or your keys to your knife, these knives with carabiners will do the trick. Note: Bear in mind that these aren’t designed for actual hard-core use.

Gerber Curve


The Gerber Curve is a unique multi-tool with an interesting design and a clip resembling a carabiner. Its spring-loaded gate is a dead giveaway. The knife itself comes with a few tools, including a knife, screwdrivers, nail file, and more. The tools lock with a cool device.

Again, this isn’t something you’d want to use while rope climbing, but it is something you could clip to a bag or a belt loop.

Leatherman Crater C33


Leatherman made more of a proper knife with a carabiner than the Curve. The Leatherman C33 Crater features s 2.6-inch blade made from 420HC stainless steel with a glass-filled nylon sheath. The Crater has a proper liner lock that makes it a functional knife for harder tasks.

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