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Schrade SCHF42 – Badass Knife of the Week

It’s rare that a budget knife captures the hearts and minds of bushcrafters around the world, especially because bushcrafters often put their lives on the line. But that’s exactly what the latest Badass Knife of the Week accomplished when it was released a few years ago.

The Schrade SCHF42 is a rugged and functional fixed blade from the mind of Brian Griffin. The streamline design is nearly 10 inches of pure strength and dependability.

It starts with the 5.12-inch blade made from 1095 carbon steel. The blade features a full flat grind, which is versatile and preferred by many bushcrafters, and a rolling recurve that offers a deep cutting belly. The recurve gives you more options while out in the field. If you prefer a straight edge, the SCHF42D is a simpler version of the knife.

Grivory scales are fastened to the full tang. The material is not only virtually indestructible in all types of weather conditions but it’s comfortable in the hand.

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Blind Army Veteran is a Master at Throwing Knives

It takes a lot to be good at throwing knives, but one man proves that it doesn’t take eyesight to be a master knife thrower.

Retired army veteran Floyd Lee Fugatt may be one of the most badass people ever. I heard about Fugatt before but a recently updated article by KRCR ABC 7 News and some additional coverage by the great The Truth About Knives brought him to my attention again.

He was born without vision in his right eye since birth and started throwing knives when he was 8 years old. Then he joined the army and became an airborne ranger and was in the special forces, which is astounding considering he only had limited vision.

Fugatt was a master knife thrower who honed his skills until it all came to a halt in 2009 when a stroke took away the sight in his left eye.

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Knife Robot Takes the Guesswork and Effort Out of Sharpening

There’s no shortage of knife sharpeners out there that provide easy sharpening experiences.

The new ViperSharp offers precision sharpening by tackling some of the shortcomings of other infinite angle models (as I will cover in a forthcoming review). The Work Sharp Combo Sharpener is something you can keep on your workbench and swipe a few times for a quick touch up at 20 degrees. Then, of course, there’s the legendary Spyderco Sharpmaker and the always available option for free hand sharpening.

But the latest sharpener aptly called the Knife Robot takes all the guesswork and effort out of sharpening.

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Fallkniven FH9 – Badass Knife of the Week

The typical badass knife is adorned with sharp angles, black-coated blades, speed-assisted mechanisms, massive serrations, and more. But just because a knife eschews those design elements doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most badass knife you’ve ever held.

When you want to see the work ethics and craftsmanship humans are capable of achieving, look no further than the Fallkniven FH9 Black Hawk. Like the FH9, all Fallkniven models boast a smoothness and fit that blow all comparable models out of the water.

Here is a good video look at the knife from DevonReview:

The knife features a 2.63-inch drop point blade profile with a classic nail nick. The blade itself is anything but classic, however. Made from laminated Cobalt Special steel, the blade is 20% stronger than solid stainless steel and keeps an edge like few others.

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Montana and Georgia Knife Law Reform Bills Become Law

Do you live in Montana or Georgia? Well, the knife laws in your states just got a little bit friendlier.

Knife law reform bills spearheaded by Knife Rights have become law in the states of Montana and Georgia. Let’s go into further detail.

Montana Knife Law Reform HB 251

Last month, the Montana bill HB 251 became law without the signature of Gov. Steve Bullock. He essentially allowed the law to pass without putting his name on it. The bill passed by large margins in the state’s House and Senate.

According to Knife Rights, the new bill removes the prohibition against concealed carry without a CCW of “a knife with blade 4 or more inches in length.” It also removes dirks, daggers, sword canes, brass knuckles, razors, and more from the list of items prohibited from concealed carry.

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Boker Magnum Mini Bo-Kri Throwing Knives – Badass Knife of the Week

There are countless ways to use a knife — from opening packages and cutting twine to sharpening pencils and saving lives. While knives are great for accomplishing an array of functional tasks, sometimes they’re good for a little entertainment, such as throwing knives.

Our latest Badass Knife of the Week puts the fun back in knives with a set of three throwers known as the Magnum by Boker Mini Bo-Kri Throwing Knife Set.

Here’s a great video overview from shooter1721 on YouTube:

Like shimmering trout swimming through a river, these wavy throwers from Boker are engineered for speed and efficient movement. The throwers are designed by the great John Bailey, who has won first place in the World Quick Draw Knife Throwing Competition several years in a row.

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Anthony Bourdain Carries Credit Card Knife for Self-Defense

Anthony Bourdain is no stranger to travel.

The host of travel show “Parts Unknown,” which is entering its ninth season, spends more than 200 days a year on the road.

And in a short travel write-up with The New York Times, Bourdain revealed the five things he can’t travel without. He always has to take moleskin notebooks, books, something to rest his head on at airports or on planes, a few jujitsu uniforms, and a “hidden knife.”

Image from Lwp Kommunikáció on Flickr

That’s right, Bourdain keeps a hidden knife on him when visiting shady places. Here’s his rationale:

“If it’s a place with heavy street crime, I have this sneaky credit card that turns into a knife. It’s not something you’d want to get into a serious fight with, but it might be a rude surprise should someone grab you from behind as you enter your hotel room.”

From the image accompanying the article in the Times, Bourdain carries a Cardsharp from Iain Sinclair. This is one of the most popular credit card knives, which you can pick up for about $10, but it may be a mistake.

Why the Cardsharp is awful for self-defense

1) If someone grabs you from behind as you enter your hotel room, this knife is several steps removed from coming in handy. First, you have to take your wallet out of your pocket and pull the knife out. Then you have to go through the laborious process of opening it.  Here are the three steps you need to do to open it up.

By the time the knife is out and engaged, it could be too late.

2) It’s not durable. In a pinch, the knife can be useful when open, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. In fact, you may be better off simply using your keys or even a hotel key, which can be used to slash at an attacker’s eyes. There are ton of reviews saying the knife is not sturdy or well-built. In a real scuffle, there’s a good possibility of it failing in your hand.

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Watch a Knifemaker Forge a Knife in Tribute to David Bowie

“I have no idea where I’m going from here, but I promise I won’t bore you.”

That’s a quote from the late great David Bowie and it’s a creed we should all live by. I guarantee you Steve Calvert of Green Beetle approaches every video he makes for YouTube that way.

Just a few weeks ago, we highlighted his thoroughly hilariously and ingenious video in which he forges the “Murica Knife” using fast food materials like french fries, bacon, and beer. In my humble opinion, his latest video simply titled “Forging a Bowie Knife” is even better.

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Kershaw Lifter – Badass Knife of the Week

Badass knives come in all shapes and sizes, but this tactical folder from Kershaw may have the quintessential look of the generally accepted image of a badass knife.

The Kershaw Lifter features a large 3.5-inch blade made of 4Cr14 stainless steel and a modified tanto profile and slight recurve that’ll leave you wondering why all knives don’t have the unique design. The profile offers a strong and piercing point with a curved belly to accomplish nearly any task with ease.

Here’s a quick overview from TheRealKnifeJunkie:

The knife also boasts the lightning fast SpeedSafe assisted-opening mechanism and a built-in flipper to engage the blade in a flash. Ambidextrous thumb studs can also be used to propel the blade open.

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Top 7 Best-Selling Throwing Knives at Knife Depot

Few things are more satisfying than throwing a knife at a target several feet away. The weight of the knife, the feeling of your energy transferring into the piece of steel, the sound it makes sticking into the wood.

I contend that knife throwing has become an increasingly popular hobby just from the interest I’ve seen around the subject and because throwers typically top the lists of best-sellers here at Knife Depot.

So to continue our trend of revealing some of the best-selling knives in each category, we turn to throwing knives. These seven throwing knife sets reveal what types of throwers people are gravitating to the most.

7. United Cutlery Hibben Competition 3-Piece Set

Coming in at seven on the list is a set of throwers designed by the great Gil Hibben for United Cutlery. The three-piece throwing knife set is on the large side with the knives boasting an overall length of just over a foot. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that these knives are durable, well-balanced, and comfortable.

It’s hard to ask for anything more in a good throwing knife.

6. Magnum by Boker Mini Bo-Kri Set

Next up is the curvaceous Mini Bo-Kri set from Magnum by Boker. These throwers are designed by the great John Bailey, who won first place in the World Quick Draw Knife Throwing Competition and designs knives. Here’s a quick video showing him in action:

The knives have a wavy appearance with a 10.75-inch overall length. Made from 420J2 stainless steel, the knives are made to stick deep in their targets thanks to their clip points.

5. Japanese Shinobi 12-Piece Set

One of the best pieces of advice I heard someone give to knife throwing beginners is to get a set with a lot of pieces. Not only is it a hassle to stop what you’re doing every three throws to go retrieve the throwers (which are likely strewn about pretty far) but you also mess up your flow.

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