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Knives Save Lives: Rescue from an Overturned Car in a Creek


Sometimes the only thing standing between life and death is luck.

Back on July 29, 2014, Charles Devowe drove from Michigan into Canada en route to a fishing trip in Ontario. He noticed debris on the road, including some strewn at a 45-degree angle.

He traveled for about two miles up the road until he decided to turn around. After parking near the debris, he saw a Pontiac Vibe flipped upside down in a creek at the bottom of a hill. Since Devowe has bad knees, he didn’t want to immediately go down because no one would know they were there.

So he flagged down some passersby and then headed down the hill with no regard for his bad knees.

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Knives Save Lives: Spyderco on a Capsized Boat


Nature is a beast.

From the highest mountains to the lowest canyons, nature is constantly trying to kill you. But, if there’s one thing that strikes the most fear in me, it’s the ocean.

The ocean is a vast wasteland of the unknown. The sea is mercurial. One moment, the surface is still as glass and the next, a 50-foot rogue wave appears out of nowhere, hellbent on destroying you. That doesn’t even mention the creatures, landscape, and mystery that stretch 30,000 feet beneath you.

The high seas should never be underestimated, but one of the nightmare scenarios of any ocean navigator is the incident of a boat capsizing. That’s the situation Rob Sanford found himself in one fateful day.

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Knives Save Lives: Emergency Roadside Birth


Sure, people have been giving birth since the dawn of man, but bringing a tiny person into this world without a gaggle of doctors and nurses nearby has to be terrifying.

At a remote highway rest stop in northeastern British Columbia, that’s the situation Caitlin Vince found herself in last month. En route to the hospital with her partner Tyler Olsen, the woman knew they weren’t going to make it to the hospital in time to give birth.

As you can imagine, British Columbia is desolate in spots with hospitals more than 55 miles away (or 90 kilometers for those Canadians). In places like this, it’s probably not that unusual to give birth on a gravel roadside.

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Knives Save Lives: The Unrelenting Escalator


There’s a danger lurking behind one of the most mundane things known to man. It’s in malls and airports around the country. Yes, it’s the escalator.

You might not think twice about stepping onto those convenient steel steps as they guide you from one floor to the next, but the escalator has been in the news quite a bit lately.

In July, a mother was killed after falling inside an escalator when the panel at the top gave way. A few days later, a stroller was  trapped between a step and the platform. Fortunately, no one was injured. But that’s not the only danger escalators pose.

On Monday, Sept. 7, a woman took an escalator in the Forest Hills Station of the MBTA. She seemed a little drunk, a little tired, and was carrying too much. Unexpectedly her skirt became caught by the escalator.

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Knives Save Lives: “Do you have your knife?”


The car is normally our companion, transporting us from point A to point B without asking much in return. The car and its driver work together to navigate the road and react to unexpected situations.

But when things go wrong, the car can quickly become our enemy, a two-ton hunk of metal that aims to crush us and snare us as flammable liquid surrounds us.

That frightening and life-threatening situation was what a woman found herself in after her car overturned on a winding road in New Jersey.

We’ve brought you tons of examples of how knives save lives on this blog, but this is the first time you get to see some footage of the dire situation.

Take a look at the news report.

In this situation, the woman inevitably failed the car because she was driving while intoxicated. She crashed her car and fell unconscious inside the smoldering vehicle.

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Knives Save Lives: Man with Fixed Blade vs. 525-pound Bear


Brandon Johnson with the bear he killed.

In a split second, the hunter can quickly become the hunted.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago when a Minnesotan hunter named Brandon Johnson was out tracking a black bear that one of his friends had shot earlier.

Johnson was out around midnight on a warm fall day near Sand Stone, Minn. The moonlight was low and there was a dense fog in the forest. Suddenly, the very bear Johnson was tracking charged at him and knocked him down, snapping his left arm in half and causing him to go unconscious for a moment.

When he came to, the 525-pound bear was biting at his hand and he was unable to get away. That’s where our life-saving tool enters the story.

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Knives Save Lives: Trapped Baby in a Sunken Car


A picture of the crash provided by Maine State Police.

“They come in handy, I guess. Monday night really proved it,” Moody said.

That’s a quote from a 44-year-old logger from Maine named Leo Moody describing pocket knives.

Not long ago, Moody was driving home from work when he saw an SUV flipped upside down in the water. He called 911 and rushed to the vehicle where one of the passengers said there was a baby trapped in the back seat.

As only a special type of person would do, Moody immediately swam through the cold water to the vehicle where he saw the 3-month-old stuck in the child seat.

At this point, the average person would be helpless and incapable of ripping a jammed seat belt with bare hands. Fortunately, Moody is not your average person. He pulled out a pocket knife and began cutting away.

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Knives Save Lives: Bulletproof Freedom Fighter

Bob Dozier KM-17 Freedom Fighter, a similar version to the one used to stop the bullet.

Bob Dozier KM-17 Freedom Fighter, a similar version to the one used to stop the bullet.

When U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ned Clysdale handed down a knife to his son, he never imagined that it would be the only thing stopping a bullet from potentially killing his son.

This story, which first appeared in the December 2013 issue of Blade Magazine, is an amazing example of how knives save lives in many different ways. Ned Clysdale is a big fan of Bob Dozier knives and had four, including a Bob Dozier Freedom Fighter.

Knife Stops Bullet from Striking Police Officer

We’ve seen some pretty amazing ways knives have been used to save lives, including everything from cutting kids out of burning vehicles to sawing off limbs to escape certain doom. Still, some of the most impressive ways knives save lives are unintentional.

When Deputy John Capriola and his partner responded to a call in Fresno about shots being fired on the evening of Dec. 23, he never expected his knife would save him the way it did.

As they were searching for people who were recklessly shooting in the area, the sounds of gunfire became louder and more intense. Here’s what he told ABC news:

“I could hear it coming right towards me,” said Capriola. “It sounded like a laser and it hit me in the right leg and knocked me off my feet.”

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Knives Save Lives: An Unconventional Use

There’s blood pouring out of your leg, which is trapped under a several ton tractor. Nobody will notice you’re missing for the rest of the day and the only thing in arm’s reach is a knife your father gave you long ago. What do you do?

Barry Lynch, a 54-year-old Australian farmer, was faced with this life-or-death situation earlier this month when the drawbar on his crop sprayer collapsed onto his leg, leaving a gaping wound.

We’ve seen situations like this before. Early on in the series of Knives Save Lives, a logger had his tractor trailer collapse on his leg, leaving him trapped. Another incident involved a farmer whose arm was trapped under a piece of heavy machinery. In both these instances, the men had to use pocket knives to painfully cut off their limbs—a truly harrowing experience.

But instead of using the knife as it was intended for—to cut—Lynch used it to start digging. For six longs hours, as the pressure in his leg was building to a painful crescendo, he continued digging at the hard earth with his knife.

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