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Best Knives to Give to Your Dad on Father’s Day

When you think back to your first knife, it’s likely that your dad was the person who gave it to you. So, to honor your dad with the same special gift he bestowed upon you, consider getting him a brand new knife for Father’s Day this weekend.

This post originally appeared way back in 2012, but we’re updating it to add even more knives and replace some older models.

Victorinox One-Hand Trekker


The Swiss Army knife is usually the first knife a father gives his son. Add a twist to the classic dynamic by giving your dad a brand new model with some advancements from the model he is probably used to. The One-Hand Trekker has many of the same features as the classic models, but it comes with an ergonomic handle, a more modern look, and a blade that locks open.

Buck 110 Hunting Pocket Knife


Fewer brands exhibit class and quality like Buck Knives. Show your dad that you’re no slouch when it comes to picking character over value by giving him Buck’s signature knife the Folding Hunter. The knife features a woodgrain handle and a classic lockback system and is widely recognized as one of the most iconic knives of all time.

Benchmade 940-1 Osborne

If you want to splurge a little on your dad and get him something that’s known for quality and craftsmanship, opt for the Benchmade 940-1. This is the premium version of the renowned 940, with some upgrades like S90V steel and carbon fiber handle scales. Other little flourishes like blue anodized titanium back spacers set this quintessential EDC apart from the rest.

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Watch Blacksmiths Create ‘Wonder Woman’ God Killer Sword

The team of blacksmiths at Man at Arms: Reforged from the AWE Me YouTube channel is back at it again with another creation from pop culture.

With the release of Wonder Woman imminent, the team decided to create her God Killer sword that appears in the new film. (They made her shield in the last video.)

The sword only appeared pretty recently in the Deathstroke comic but it has a pretty interesting back story if you’re into comics at all.

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Boker Plus Air Force Pilot Survival Knife – Badass Knife of the Week

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the day we honor the countless men and women who have died while serving the country. So we thought it was only pertinent to look at a knife that was used by those in the military.

After the events of World War II, General Curtis LeMay, the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC), sought the creation of a survival kit for crews of long-range bombers. Because of the nature of the missions and issues with space, the survival tool needed to be lightweight, versatile, and effective.

After the Randall Model 14 was found to be too heavy, Boker’s input was requested on the knife. The end result was the Boker Air Force Pilot Survival Knife, which quickly became the official survival knife of the U.S. Air Force.

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Spyderco Releases 2017 Mid-Year Catalog with New Knives

It’s the middle of the year and that means a few mid-year updates are in store.

First up is Spyderco.

The iconic spider brand released its Spyderco 2017 Mid-Year Product Guide, which is 24 pages of bright pictures that showcase dozens of new (or improved) knives expected to arrive in the coming months.

But first a quick update about the Reinhold Rhino. The Rhino was a 2016 mid-year model that was highly anticipated but problems with quality control have caused issues with production. As a result, they’ve moved manufacturing facilities and upgraded a few things. It will now have peel-ply textured carbon fiber and G-10 laminate scales, a CTS XHP steel blade, and phosphor bronze washers.

On to the new knives, some of which were unveiled at the SHOT Show or Amsterdam Meet.

Spyderco Hundred Pacer

The Hundred Pacer is a snake-like knife from Johnny Liao and takes its name and styling from a Taiwanese viper. The layered G-10 scales create scale-like texture on the handle and the swept-point blade is made from CTS-XHP steel.

Spyderco Shaman

As essentially a larger version of the Native design, the Shaman, which comes in a SpyderEdge and plain version, is sure to capture some fans. The 3.58-inch S30V steel blade goes well with the matte-finished G-10 scales.

Spyderco Hanan

From Spydercollector

Brad Southard has his own style of knives and the Hanan is easily recognized as one of his designs. The curved gentleman’s folder uses a flipper to open the 3-inch S30V blade.

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‘Overall Knife of the Year’ Winners at Blade Show Since 1984

With thousands of knives flooding the markets, it might seem like there’s so much overlap out there that all knives start to bleed together. If you actually believe that new knives no longer have much to offer, you have a lot of studying to do.

Every year manufacturers and designers work hard to bring something new and exciting to the table. To better illustrate how new knives are still proving their worth, we thought it’d be interesting to take a look at all the winners of Blade Magazine‘s “Overall Knife of the Year” award since the start.

The winners of this award are voted by attendees of the BLADE Show and a panel of special judges. These knives are typically prototypes at the time, but show real craftsmanship, expert designs, beautiful construction, and much more.

The first BLADE Show took place in 1982. From what I could find, the first Overall Knife of the Year award was given to a Fight’n Rooster knife, though I couldn’t pinpoint the model, so I didn’t add it here.

Also, the show did not have an Overall Knife of the Year winner in 1983. If I am wrong, please let me know. So with that, let’s start with the knife that won the award in 1984 and work our way to the present.

1984: Timberline Survival Hunter

(The image is of a skinner version of the knife made by Timberline’s Vaughn Neely. These old knives are hard to find.)

The Survival Hunter is a design by Vaughn Neely, who founded Timberline, and was a beloved knife. You still see these vintage Survival Hunters for sale but they tend to go very quickly. Like I said, these earlier knives are difficult to find information on, but it also won the American Made Design of the Year in 1985.

1985: Gerber Clip-Lock

The Clip-Lock from Gerber was a Black Collins design that’s now long discontinued. It had an unusual sheath design in that a clip locked it into place. Here is a quick video overview:

1986: Fight’n Rooster 7-blade Congress

I’m honestly not too familiar with Fight’n Rooster Knives, but I was able to find out that the company was started in the ’70s by Frank Buster. Most of them were traditional slip joint designs typically made in Solingen, Germany. This 7-bladed Congress was all I could find of the knife, but if it’s not the correct model, please let me know.

1987: Buck Titanium

The Buck Titanium was an interesting design with a titanium handle and an overall design reminiscent of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. It had a monstrous pocket clip, which you can kind of see in the image above. It had a back lock and was just a solid knife.

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Schrade SCHF42 – Badass Knife of the Week

It’s rare that a budget knife captures the hearts and minds of bushcrafters around the world, especially because bushcrafters often put their lives on the line. But that’s exactly what the latest Badass Knife of the Week accomplished when it was released a few years ago.

The Schrade SCHF42 is a rugged and functional fixed blade from the mind of Brian Griffin. The streamline design is nearly 10 inches of pure strength and dependability.

It starts with the 5.12-inch blade made from 1095 carbon steel. The blade features a full flat grind, which is versatile and preferred by many bushcrafters, and a rolling recurve that offers a deep cutting belly. The recurve gives you more options while out in the field. If you prefer a straight edge, the SCHF42D is a simpler version of the knife.

Grivory scales are fastened to the full tang. The material is not only virtually indestructible in all types of weather conditions but it’s comfortable in the hand.

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Blind Army Veteran is a Master at Throwing Knives

It takes a lot to be good at throwing knives, but one man proves that it doesn’t take eyesight to be a master knife thrower.

Retired army veteran Floyd Lee Fugatt may be one of the most badass people ever. I heard about Fugatt before but a recently updated article by KRCR ABC 7 News and some additional coverage by the great The Truth About Knives brought him to my attention again.

He was born without vision in his right eye since birth and started throwing knives when he was 8 years old. Then he joined the army and became an airborne ranger and was in the special forces, which is astounding considering he only had limited vision.

Fugatt was a master knife thrower who honed his skills until it all came to a halt in 2009 when a stroke took away the sight in his left eye.

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Knife Robot Takes the Guesswork and Effort Out of Sharpening

There’s no shortage of knife sharpeners out there that provide easy sharpening experiences.

The new ViperSharp offers precision sharpening by tackling some of the shortcomings of other infinite angle models (as I will cover in a forthcoming review). The Work Sharp Combo Sharpener is something you can keep on your workbench and swipe a few times for a quick touch up at 20 degrees. Then, of course, there’s the legendary Spyderco Sharpmaker and the always available option for free hand sharpening.

But the latest sharpener aptly called the Knife Robot takes all the guesswork and effort out of sharpening.

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Fallkniven FH9 – Badass Knife of the Week

The typical badass knife is adorned with sharp angles, black-coated blades, speed-assisted mechanisms, massive serrations, and more. But just because a knife eschews those design elements doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most badass knife you’ve ever held.

When you want to see the work ethics and craftsmanship humans are capable of achieving, look no further than the Fallkniven FH9 Black Hawk. Like the FH9, all Fallkniven models boast a smoothness and fit that blow all comparable models out of the water.

Here is a good video look at the knife from DevonReview:

The knife features a 2.63-inch drop point blade profile with a classic nail nick. The blade itself is anything but classic, however. Made from laminated Cobalt Special steel, the blade is 20% stronger than solid stainless steel and keeps an edge like few others.

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Montana and Georgia Knife Law Reform Bills Become Law

Do you live in Montana or Georgia? Well, the knife laws in your states just got a little bit friendlier.

Knife law reform bills spearheaded by Knife Rights have become law in the states of Montana and Georgia. Let’s go into further detail.

Montana Knife Law Reform HB 251

Last month, the Montana bill HB 251 became law without the signature of Gov. Steve Bullock. He essentially allowed the law to pass without putting his name on it. The bill passed by large margins in the state’s House and Senate.

According to Knife Rights, the new bill removes the prohibition against concealed carry without a CCW of “a knife with blade 4 or more inches in length.” It also removes dirks, daggers, sword canes, brass knuckles, razors, and more from the list of items prohibited from concealed carry.

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