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Watch Blacksmiths Create ‘Wonder Woman’ God Killer Sword

The team of blacksmiths at Man at Arms: Reforged from the AWE Me YouTube channel is back at it again with another creation from pop culture.

With the release of Wonder Woman imminent, the team decided to create her God Killer sword that appears in the new film. (They made her shield in the last video.)

The sword only appeared pretty recently in the Deathstroke comic but it has a pretty interesting back story if you’re into comics at all.

In these videos, the final product is never really the most compelling part, it’s watching how they get from basic pieces of metal to a functional work of art.

These videos always make creating these amazing knives and swords so easy, but I know that if I were to try to make something, it would come out deformed and nonfunctional. Alas, I will simply wait to see what amazing tool or weapon they make next week.


  1. Interesting video. I love all the detail and how meticulous they are with crafting the sword.

  2. jimmy isabelle

    June 6, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Do you make knives/swords for people?

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