Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Boker has a long and storied history that dates back to the late 17th century when a German tool maker graduated to making swords and blades. Since then, the company has branched out from its roots in Germany and now manufactures different brands all over the world. Magnum by Boker, which manufactures its knives in Taiwan and China, gives you the same reliability and unique designs of Boker with a focus on keeping prices down.

Our selection of Magnum by Boker knives shows that you don't have to sacrifice character or functionality when keeping an eye on the price tag. Since every knife you buy from Knife Depot is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, you have the assurance that we stand by our selection of Magnum by Boker items.

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This little guy is tight, robust and feels solid in the hand. The blade is compact, but wide, and feels like you could cut a tree with it (if you had too), but it's a very short blade, so no worry of snapping.

It's the right size not to big or to small I enjoy the style

Solid knife. Super sharp. Looks great.

Very pleased with the knives. They are as advertised, well made and throw well. No negatives.

It's a good, decent man's pocket knife with the right collection of utility blades. Being Boker I am hoping it lasts a good long time, it seems to be quite sturdy. The main blade has a good edge, holds sharp and sharpens easily. I use my pocket knife a lot and like UTILITY.

I got a pair of these, so I can carry them in a shoulder rig. These knives aren't made for camping, because dagger. Boker underdog (not undergod dumass) is way sharp. And the needle sharp point, nasty serrations and grippy handle means this blade is staying in your hand, under the wettest nastiest conditions. The pommel has a metal end the shape of a hammer that screws on; making the knife handle secured to the blade. I'm pretty sure you could drive a nail with it, and it sure will do some damage as soon as it makes contact with skin and bones. There's only one purpose to a knife made like this; personal protection / offensive / defensive / intimidation factor this knife has all that and more. The sheath is made in such a way so you can configure it in multiple carry options, high on the belt, low on the belt, tied on the bottom strapped on the leg, and it stays put. The polymer handle has a nice grippy feel to it, and more than finger guards, they're hand protection so you can really push on it hard. Nice lanyard hole at the pommel end, snap closure on the sheath and did I say needle sharp? I spoze you could cut a piece of para-cord with it, but who cares? I didn't get these daggers to go camping, and it's so intimidating; I've yet to actually strap it on and leave the house yet! I'm working on the double shoulder harness, and then these guard dogs are goin' for a walk. When it comes to Boker, you can always count on the highest quality for the buck and this blade is no exception. Anyone who owns this blade is happy they got it, and those that haven't yet; they want one. Do it. You'll be smiling happy.

About Magnum by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum is a division of Boker USA, and is a separate line of knives which are imported from the Far East. Many of the Magnum knives are designed by Boker, but manufactured under the Magnum brand name. Magnum knives offer impressive quality at an affordable price, and are backed by a lifetime warranty! Manufactured in Taiwan and China.