Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Boker has a long and storied history that dates back to the late 17th century when a German tool maker graduated to making swords and blades. Since then, the company has branched out from its roots in Germany and now manufactures different brands all over the world. Magnum by Boker, which manufactures its knives in Taiwan and China, gives you the same reliability and unique designs of Boker with a focus on keeping prices down.

Our selection of Magnum by Boker knives shows that you don't have to sacrifice character or functionality when keeping an eye on the price tag. Since every knife you buy from Knife Depot is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, you have the assurance that we stand by our selection of Magnum by Boker items.

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Tough knife that flies true.

A beautiful and useful item the Boker Damascus Blade pocket knife. Just the right size and weight for my pocket and golf bag.

My brother introduced me to this knife a few years ago. Now it is my knife of choice for my hip carry when i am on camping or fishing trips with the girls. It is the perfect size for small meal preps and super easy to keep a keen edge on. Would recommend this knife to anyone who loves to cook while in the woods, on the trail or by the lake. I would recommend getting a leather magazine (handgun) pouch for belt with a tension screw and you will be golden.

I use the knife to protect against animal attacks on the street etc I had to take the handle apart and filled it with epoxy then put it back together with serrations at bottom which I'm accustomed to I sharpened the dull edge on the side of the serrations also. I guess it is really for scuba diving, tank tap on the pommel. It is lightweight not substantial. The weight is probably the selling factor if you need a big knife that's lightweight. Boker is a good brand as well.

Knife is as good to use as it looks and it looks and feels great . Would reccomed to all. ..

A well made, handsome knife, fits well in the pocket. The blade is outstanding and complimented by the bone handle!

well made, good steel, sharp out of the box. wish they made the same knife with a longer blade

Overall this knife is very nice. Fit of parts is tight and the overall appearance is great. Very sharp, almost razor but still having a small burr, with a very small nick in the blade. I will have to smooth this out and this dropped my rating from 5.

About Magnum by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum is a division of Boker USA, and is a separate line of knives which are imported from the Far East. Many of the Magnum knives are designed by Boker, but manufactured under the Magnum brand name. Magnum knives offer impressive quality at an affordable price, and are backed by a lifetime warranty! Manufactured in Taiwan and China.