Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Boker has a long and storied history that dates back to the late 17th century when a German tool maker graduated to making swords and blades. Since then, the company has branched out from its roots in Germany and now manufactures different brands all over the world. Magnum by Boker, which manufactures its knives in Taiwan and China, gives you the same reliability and unique designs of Boker with a focus on keeping prices down.

Our selection of Magnum by Boker knives shows that you don't have to sacrifice character or functionality when keeping an eye on the price tag. Since every knife you buy from Knife Depot is backed by our 60-day, money-back guarantee, you have the assurance that we stand by our selection of Magnum by Boker items.

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Love my knives. Have two sets and with the exception of one bent (filed down) tip, no damage after hours of throwing at cottonwood targets. Well balanced, nice sheath, great value.

Decent little knife. Looks good. Good fit and finish, blade reasonably sharp, but had to touch up, since bevels were uneven. Main disappointment was the teflon bushings used, which makes this a little looser, and will wear more quickly.

I bought my Hawk about five or six years ago, since then it has been used in my garden and allotment, taken on plenty of camping trips as well as a good number of wildlife photography trips, it has been fishing and sailing, lost for four days in a field, dropped at a river bank and almost lost for good and had innumerable other adventures. With regular cleaning and sharpening I'd say it looks as good today as when it came out of the box, it has the odd scratch here & there but considering some of the punishment it has taken I'd say it has stood up incredibly well. The action was as should be expected a little stiff when I first got it but that freed up in no time, it is an easy matter to open and close it one handed if need be and the belt clip is as solid and tight today as it has ever been although I wouldn't recommend using it on cheap crappy webbing belts, it needs something that will respond to the pressure (that's how it ended up spending four days laying in a field). My only complaint would be that the grip can be a bit tenuous when very wet although the same can be said for any knife that isn't specifically designed for use under soaking conditions so that isn't really a big issue. It compares very favourably to knives I have had that cost far more in quality construction and durability, I would have no problem at all recommending one to anybody who wants a competitively priced good quality every day carry knife.

This knife is very compact, lightweight, and strong. It has a good sharpness to it, miso them I was expecting. It was my first knife, and I had a few minor accidents with it because I underestimated the sharpness. But that my fault, I'm quite proud of this knife. It's great for cutting snacks as well. The color has held up against being dropped, scratched, etc. Overall very good knife for a great price. Highly recommend.

I have owned several shorter, lighter throwing knives but none of them throw as true or stick as well as this set of Boker's. I absolutely love them and the sheath is well made as well. If you have never thrown a long heavy knife, do yourself a favor and try these.

Knife is a lot smaller than in pic,haven't used much ,also looks like blade is fake Damascus,maybe real idk

My fav new thrower.

Quality materials with a unique shape. Easy and fun to throw.

About Magnum by Boker

Magnum Knives by Boker

Magnum is a division of Boker USA, and is a separate line of knives which are imported from the Far East. Many of the Magnum knives are designed by Boker, but manufactured under the Magnum brand name. Magnum knives offer impressive quality at an affordable price, and are backed by a lifetime warranty! Manufactured in Taiwan and China.