Boot Knife Selection

One of the most functional of weapons is the boot knife. Standard issue for law enforcement officers, a boot knife makes an excellent weapon for backup. Choose from traditional blades of five to nine inches or mini-blades of three to four and a half inches and you'll find yourself with a boot knife that's excellent for sport, work, or utility. With a double edge and ease of use, there's little wonder why Rambo himself strapped on a boot knife for his battles in First Blood II. Whether you choose a replica of Stallone's weapon of choice or opt for a professional-grade Pentagon or Boker, Knife Depot ensures your satisfaction with our 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you don't like the boot knife you purchased, you get a refund.

Boot Knife Selection
Browning Boot Dagger, G-10 Handle, Plain
$144.99 $175.95
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Boker Leopard Damascus Boot Knife
$714.99 $995.00
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The size of the knife is perfect for concealment in my boot. My only problem is when the knife arrived I was expecting it to be Sharp, the knife had no edge on it, dull as hell.

It's one of the most bad Ass knives I own.

This is an extremely beautiful knife. I bought it to use as a ceremonial blade, I am a Wiccan. The craftsmanship and detail are exquisite. I like the weight of it, the damascened blade, and the sheath is simple, attractive, well made and practical. I am honored to carry such a gorgeous tool. Thank you so much.

Awesome, seemingly indestructible knife! I will be purchasing the large spear point survival knife next! Really like these one piece knives!

No complaints really! Knife is very solid with sturdy spear point blade and comfortable handle. I think all boot knife sheaths should come with a metal clip for easy attachment and release from boots but I also understand this is an old timer series and has a very old school sheath. I was pleased with my purchase!

Exactly as described and ordered. I bought 2 as one was for a gift. I had already given my wife one for home protection. Sharp out of the box, timely delivery & great quality. This is just what I wanted - the size/comfort is perfect.

I love this knife! Good quality sheath. The engraving was perfect. All around a good buy!

Great little knife, It does come with a sheath that can strap to you ankle, The knife is 1 solid piece of steel handle and blade. Would love to have one that is a bit bigger though. A 5 or 6 inch blade would be nice

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