Bowie Knife Selection

Bowie Knife Selection

Probably one of the most memorable movie quotes of all time came about when “Crocodile” Dundee scoffed at a mugger's switchblade saying, "That's not a knife." After pulling out his Bowie knife, Mick exclaimed, "THAT'S a knife!" Originally designed by Col. James Bowie, a Bowie knife describes any large sheath knife. While it may not be everyone's self-defense weapon of choice, a Bowie knife is an excellent hunting knife. In addition, their handsome appearance makes them favorites for collectors. Because of our large inventory (over 10,000 knives in stock), your order will ship quickly - often the same day. Buy now.

KA-BAR BK9 Becker Combat Bowie Knife
$119.99 $152.62
Free Shipping
Boker 12" Western Style Bowie with Leather Sheath
$264.99 $359.00
Free Shipping
Case Cutlery Bowie Fixed Blade w/ Leather Sheath
$154.99 $220.68
Free Shipping

I was pleased with my purchase as I needed to have a fine example of this iconic knife.The delivery was good even considering the Australian customs requirements but the knife arrived in good condition.

excellent tool for the camp or off grid chopping is a breeze with this knife and the cutting edge of the blade holds up extremely well under all conditions I have put it through thus far ! Thank you for a fine product at a reasonable price.

This is a nice big knife picks do not do it justice. I've been wanting one of these for a while but never could catch it in stock mine was delivered very fast and in great shape the only problem with this knife is trying to catch it in stock they sell out quickly

Awesome knife for a Awesome price. Always wanted a Ontario knife knowing they were well crafted and they did not let me down. Sharp as can be, holds an edge and. ..... It's Made in America!

Very fast delivery. The knife was even better than described. It arrived extremely sharp.

Showed up with a steel S type guard not brass. The bevels and edge are clean and strait. The wood handle transitions smoothly to the metal. Leather sheath is nice but it has the stupid strap with the snap that gets cut by the edge and blocks the guard unless you hold it out of the way. The S type guard will allow me to replace it with a hammer thong like on a revolver holster.

The blade is Hanzo steel!? From the antler of a 28 point super buck!?

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